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How do you land your double salchow and double loop?

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Asked at 2011.05.06 01:49:38
I have been doing double salchow and double loop for about a month now. I have the rotation but i don't have the landing. I've landed it once so far but not anymore.I practice it off ice and i have landed both jumps. Please help me.
answer Brittany  Answered at 2011.05.06 01:49:38
Double sal:
1. After the check of the three turn open up your left arm to get it out of your way.
2.sweep through with your right leg and your right arm
3. Push off of your left toe and get up into the air
4. Now that your at the top of you're jump, switch your hips and bring your arms to the RIGHT side of your body.
5. During the whole process, keep your top four ribs lifted UP by keeping your right shoulder UP and BACK. Doing this is the key to landing your jumps.
Double loop:
1. Set up for the jump by keeping your fingers pointed up towards the ceiling and your palm flat with pressure towards the ice. Pull your RIGHT shoulder back. All the weight should be on your heels and not on your toes
2. I think your a guy, but this is what my coach told me and I got it the first day I learned double loop. Pretend like someone is pulling your bra straps back. So, in your case, pretend someone is pulling your shoulder blades back. (Arch your back)
3. With the arch in your back jump up into the air.
4. When you get to the TOP of the jump pull into the back spin position while keeping your back ARCHED and your right shoulder UP and BACK.
5. Check out by punching out and fighting for it. While landing, pull your right shoulder up even higher and farther back, while sinking in even lower into your landing leg.

Good luck!
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