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I had a dream I killed a random person?

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Asked at 2011.04.28 01:54:28
I was in some sort of huge weird room. From the angle I was standing at first I could see my mom and other people I cannot remember being shot at and shooting back, but there was a ceiling right above me, so I could not see everything at first. I only saw my mom shooting an automatic weapon and someone was shooting back with one, but neither was hitting eachother. I yelled at her to give me the gun and I went into action by myself and killed him and drops of blood game all the way down. It was someone made up, they looked middle eastern. Past the ceiling the shooter looked to be about 400 meters high.

I killed him and had no guilt. After he was dead I kept shooting and that's when the drops of blood fell. I looked up what it means,but I don't have aggression towads anyone like hat and I'm currently content. What does this mean?
answer hotshot7897  Answered at 2011.04.28 01:54:28
have you been called names lately or had abuse shouted at you have you had a fall out with someone in your family or were you just angry during the day? all of these things can lead to your self conscious mind amplifying all of the abuse and anger into something like this it happens to everyone they just don't really take any notice and say its a coincidence trust me every dream you have is related to something you have done the previous day

hope this helps ;)
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