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Is the Noahs ark story true or just symbolic?

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Melanie Triplett 
Asked at 2011.04.27 00:38:46
I've been thinking about alot of stories in the bible lately and this morning I've had noah's story stuck in my head.

To me it's a symbolic parable or something, cause I don't see a message or lesson in it either.

The main things that get me are ..
God was flooding the planet to kill sinners but chose an alchoholic to build an ark SO big it could hold every creature on the planet, then he'd have to travel the world in a time without auto-propelled motors and bring back a male and female member of ALL animals, including highly dangerous ones like tigers and elefants, with zero zoological training and again with no way to safely them back. then he kept all the animals alive with no incident or injury for an extended amount of time.

Also I remember reading a science article stating that the water on earth came over a long period of time in crashing meteors. Which means that the amount of water on earth is somewhat fixed, even if the glaciers where to melt completely ..
answer Earnestine Murdoch  Answered at 2011.04.27 00:38:46
Noah's life, the flood, & The Ark were not symbolic or parables but fact.

You really need to read Genesis chapters 5-9.

Those chapters contain the complete story of Noah.

Not ALL of the animals, birds, and crawling creatures on the earth were in the Ark. There were ONLY two males and two females of each living creature on the Earth, seven pairs of each kind of fowl of the air that went into the Ark.

The animals may have been enormous, they may have been vicious predators on Earth, but they KNEW their Creator's voice, they heard God & obeyed God Almighty's voice and they showed up at the Ark. They were commanded by God Almighty to be meek and non-combative on the Ark and they obeyed their Creator.

The Ark did not have a rudder, nor sails. They were not needed. God Almighty protected them and steered the Ark.

Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives were the only human beings who were spared death, because Noah walked with God, obeyed His laws, and therefore found favor with God Almighty. For that reason, God spared not only Noah, but all of his entire family from the flood that killed every other living creature & human being on the face of the Earth.

The rain from Heaven that completely flooded the entire Earth only lasted 40 days and 40 nights. If you read Genesis 8 you will see exactly how long it was after the rains ceased before God allowed the waters to subside, how it happened, and where the waters went, and how long Noah and his family had to remain in the Ark before the mountains reappeared and the Ark landed on Mount Ararat, and even how much longer before Noah and his family and the animals on the Ark were able to leave it and live on the land again permanently.

Noah was NOT an alcoholic. He got drunk ONCE off of the wine from the vineyards he had planted. And that ONE time, cured him from ever drinking again, because Noah's foolishness opened the door for his son Ham to enter his father's tent without permission or discretion and Ham looked at his father when he was in bed drunk and naked and Ham did not avert his eyes and turn away, but was amused by his father's nakedness and drunkenness & told his brothers of it and that disrespect/ridicule brought God's wrath upon Ham.

Shem and Japheth were respectful. They walked into Noah's tent backwards, with a sheet covering their back, and they averted their eyes while they covered their father, then they backed out of the tent. Shem and Japheth received a blessing for their respect and honorable actions. Ham was cursed by God & banished and Ham fled to what is now known as Africa with his wife.

ALL of the people now living on Earth are descendants of Noah's sons: Shem, Ham, & Japheth.

Shem--The Jewish race.
Ham--The Black race.
Japheth--The Gentile race.
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