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I think a girl cursed me?

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Asked at 2011.04.27 00:36:41
This girl was my friend (Just a friend). Shes Pakistani and we knew each other since we were a child. She was my next door neighbour. Our families always cared for eachother. Her younger brother had a spotty face. I never teased him but once my best friend came over to my house and when we were playing in the garden the little boy came out and me and my mate teased him and called him ugly. His sister saw this and gave me a dirty look and after that she stopped talking to me. Not long after that, I began to get dirty spots. :(

I lost a friend! :( Does this mean she cursed me or is it natural???? PLEASE TELL ME!
answer Guinevere  Answered at 2011.04.27 00:36:41
Forget about it, Im a grown-up and im telling you now, She did not curse you. If you have spots its your age, you dont get spots or anything else because you teased someone. I guess you are feeling guilty about what you said to the child, she dont say it again, In fact you could apologise to her if you get the chance that will make you feel better. Ignore the previous juvenile answers.
There is no such thing as cursing so dont worry about it anymore.
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