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Do you think Obama can help the economy problems? If so he hasn't made it better yet..?

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Jessica Matoss 
Asked at 2011.04.26 23:41:17
I know bush got us dug into a deep as* hole and itll be hard to get out of but ever since obamas been president i feel nothing has gotten better.. only worse. Gas went up, taxes went up, prices for everything is going up and i dont know how much longer my family can afford it, both my parents already have 2 jobs and were still doing terrible. Im scared itll only keep getting worse and i just dont want to lose this house that my dads spent years perfecting and building by himself, we'd be devastated
answer laecongirl  Answered at 2011.04.26 23:41:17
There are things that he could do to improve the economy (massive infrastructure and other stimulus spending, not trying to decrease the deficit during a recession, which is exactly the time when we should be running deficits) if he didn't face the political hurdles that he does. Unfortunately, most of the country has decided that a national economy works the same way as an individual's checking account--but it doesn't. We've concluded, bizarrely, that stifling government spending, the only part of the economy that has the ability to get money flowing right now somehow leads to economic growth.

Oil prices have gone up, but there's not much he can do about that, since he can't control supply shocks. But core inflation is still really low. I've gotten used to the idea that what should be done for the economy isn't going to be done. If fiscal policy continues the way its going, I'm afraid recovery is going to be really slow.
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