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Emo kid almost killed me?

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Taylor Golana 
Asked at 2011.04.25 18:55:32
Alright. Idk but I came to my friends house one day for her Bday, and i didnt know that hese "Emo kids" live acrossed from her. And she is very againist emo people, goth, she doesnt belive in that.. And we were in the front yard and the emo kids group came out, and the oldest boy had a gun and NEARLY KILLED ME. and i ran and they started laughing..and Im not trying to brag..or anything but when i almost get hurt, or get hurt i TOTALLY change into another person. I do not have anger issues..but i started cussing at them and taking stuff on their lawn and smashing stuff and my face was as red as like idk..and like my voice was like not even my voice like a mad boys... (im a girl) and i just layed on the floor cuz i was so mad trying to calm myself cuz one time i had a tantrum like that a hurt my friend really bad.. so they started making fun of me.. and i stood up and just stood there looknig down breathing heavily hearing them making fun of me..and BOOM i changed even worse..i threatned to kill them i almost choked one girl..and they all ran inside there stupid emo group. And I was done and i started to cry thinking why did I do that, but then I remembered they tried to kill me. friend wants me to go back over for a sleep over and im kinda scared to go...I went to therapy for seeing my temper i do not have anger issues , she said i was really self defenced. S hould i go? Plese no negative coments..this was in November 2010, BTW
answer Pelicantor  Answered at 2011.04.25 18:55:32
You were trying to defend yourself,
but it's smart to have a cool head.

By your description, I think it would be a good idea to...
-Take therapy/classes to help manage anger
-Try finding ways to calm your self down (i.e. stress ball, deep breathing, thinking about pelicans)
-Stop triggers of anger, like, trying to avoid conflicts like that

Did one of the kids shoot the gun at you? Did they threaten the gun at you?
If they go on your friend's property, that's trespassing,
if they threaten you with a firearm, that's another reason to call the police
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