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  Periodic table riddles?

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Love Exists? 
Asked at 2011.04.20 23:12:08
1) Type of comb used to fix a scratch
2) A western ranch owner
3) A thing, which you turn on when it is dark (lithium??)
4) An ox's outer covering
5) Night rider for Helen of troy
6) The name of the first Americans
7) What the beach boys wish all the girls could be

We have to use elements to answer them Thanks
answer Dr. W.  Answered at 2011.04.20 23:12:08
The last one is Californium.

As for the rest, processing....

The link narrows it down a little, but it's not in order! For example, what torpedoed ships do is "Zinc". Thanks for posting it, but now I've got more to try and solve.
answer PeriodicTable  Answered at 2012.01.29 22:22:03
xiaojun11 Answered at 2016.11.11 08:29:04
soniyadav025 Answered at 2017.05.10 01:10:59
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