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Army officer age limit?

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Asked at 2011.04.17 21:47:05
okay so i have a couple of question. But before I ask it, here is a little background of my situation. I am prior service of 8 years. I just recently got out of the service with an honorable discharge. I got out as an E-4. I used to be an E-5 sergeant but i got an article 15 and I got demoted for it. I am not a Ish bag soldier or anything and among my peers they all said that i was an awesome team leader and my squad leader even recommend me for an E-6 promotion but i turn that down because i didn't feel that I was ready for the position yet. Anyways I will summarize the incident on how i got the article 15. Pretty much I was sponsoring a soldier on his promotion board and the board member found out about his paper works to be inconsistent and figured out the it isn't accurate at all. When they found out about it they got pissed off and got me for falsifying an army document. And i know for a fact that this article 15 ended up on my restricted fiche. Any ways, I would like to come back in the service but I don't want to come in as an enlisted, I want to come back as an officer and knowing that i have this in my record, what are the chances of me getting back in as an officer? Or Is there even a chance at all for me? Should I just forget about it? What is the age limit for me to go OCS or ROTC?
answer Jeff  Answered at 2011.04.17 21:47:05
The max age limit as of fiscal year 2011 was reduced from 38 to 35.
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