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Does anyone else think mail men make a lot more money than meets the eye (Stolen mail)?

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Andy Andy 
Asked at 2011.04.12 02:29:46
I can just see it. It's December, right around the holidays. All the Grandmas are sending a little holiday cheer in the form of cash money to little Timmy and Suzie. All it takes it holding the envelope to the light to see if there's cash inside, and boom, in the postman's pocket.

And it's not like a super important and expected parcel to receive, so that particular form of mail is not likely to be reported as missing.

What say you? Does anyone think this occurs a lot more than we would want to think it does? I mean imagine how much money all those Christmas cards would ad up to?
answer Cob Bollum  Answered at 2011.04.12 02:29:46
No I don't think it happens at all.

Mailmen are paid well to begin with, and most receive healthy financial Christmas gifts from many on their routes. Not too mention the penalties far outweigh the potential gain of 20 or 30 bucks.

Edit: There are little runways that run around the entire area of the post office where any sorting is done, and they have areas where postal inspectors look down on the workers without anyone being able to see them....I can assure you this is well known by all postal workers and though some may attempt and get away with it most of them do understand the federal felonies they're committing and think better of it.
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