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Does Illegal Immigration Reduce Summer Job Opportunities for Students?

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Asked at 2011.04.12 02:22:03
Yesterday, in other Section, someone posted a Question asking for ideas about student summer jobs. I responded saying:
"Sorry. Illegal immigrants have taken over all the jobs that used to be done by students. Remember that in the voting booth".

I thought I was re-stating a well-known fact and stating the obvious remedy — the voting booth.
I was not expecting the reaction: This student sent me two foul-mouthed messages accusing me of being rude and assuming SHE was not American (???). Soon after, my Answer was deleted, and Yahoo declined my Appeal on the grounds that I did not answer the Question. By this standard, the only way to answer the question within the ToS is to list babysitting jobs. Of course, somebody would say that's rude too...

That illegal immigration both shuts off summer and part-time job opportunities for American youth is not seriously disputed. Many scholarly and newspaper articles confirm this. Also, illegal immigrants reduce wages for legal residents. See for example: <a href="…" rel="nofollow">…</a> .

In many areas of the country, entire lines of work are now shut off to American summer students. In many kitchens, the working language is ...Norwegian? and monolingual legal USA residents are effectively denied work normally available to them. This is NOT just a temporary effect of the recession.

So is it true? Are summer student jobs being taken by illegal immigrants? And why can't anyone say this?
Why does a simple statement of fact induce such a hysterical response?
answer Donald  Answered at 2011.04.12 02:22:03

Illegal aliens have taken most of the jobs that were done by students.

Illegal aliens have taken large numbers of the entry level jobs.
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