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Litter training my rat...?

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Asked at 2011.04.08 02:18:45
I have a pan for my rats and I put newspaper down and they usually always go in there but my rats LOVE to rip out any form of bedding I use. I want to buy that rolled up newspaper litter but I don't want them to take it out of the litter pan.
What else can I do?
answer lovemice  Answered at 2011.04.08 02:18:45
Are you using separate substrate for their regular bedding areas and what you put in the litter box? It is important that the litter box has a completely different kind in it. It might help to use fleece in the rat living quarters and the other kind you suggested in just the litter box. There will be no way they can mistake the difference. Also, when they go potty outside of of the box, tell them "no" if you see them do it, and reward them with praise and treats if they use the litter box. You should put the tinkle/poo they do outside of the litter box into the litter box, so that it smells like a litter box. The following site has more details:

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