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Putting a new Betta fish in a ten gallon tank alone??!?

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Asked at 2011.04.07 22:40:00
My ten gal had ich and all the fish died so I boiled the gravel and kept an inch of the old

water to help cycle the tank faster(along with bacteria starter) (the inch worth of water disentangle have ich in it because I raised the temp for a week). I pit a new filter cartridge in and already have bacteria and some old fish poop which cycled my tank. Ph is 7.4 and is alkaline. The tank is filled with regular conditioned water and Betta water(that brand stuff... I got it cuz I have reLly high ph were I live). Going to get my water tested at petsmart tomorrow to see if o can get a Betta. Also my filter is a little strong, is there anyway to slow it? I'm gonna have a Betta in there.. Can I add a shrimp? I got fresh new decorations but kept the same tank heater and filter. Also do you guys have any Betta names? Hopefully I can get my little guy tomorrow!
answer JC  Answered at 2011.04.07 22:40:00
The actual water has very little bacteria in it, most is in the gravel and filter. Using old water is really no better than just starting from scratch to tell you the truth. You are best to do a fish-less cycle and test your water every few days until it's safe. 7.4 is fine for a betta so just use what comes out of your tap. Messing with PH will just cause more problems. Some bettas will be fine with shrimp but others will eat them. There really is only one way to find out. You may be able to slow your filter by placing a sponge over the intake or diverting the flow into multiple directions. Good luck with your new betta.
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