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Should I get a sucker fish for my Freshwater Tank?

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Rebecca Paige 
Asked at 2011.04.07 22:33:55
Tommorow I am going to a pet store and I am planning to buy a couple of tropical freshwater fish. I wanted to know if I should get a sucker fish for my tank. I have an airpump, filter, heater, and decorations. Should I get a suckerfish?

P.S What type of Tropical freshwater fish is a good kind to get? (Lives long, easy to maintain)
answer SabbyVixen  Answered at 2011.04.07 22:33:55
Yeah, algae eaters are very good for the tank! I'm just saying though, sometimes if you go to petsmart the little page about the fish on the tank is inaccurate------- algae eaters get quite big usually and i would recommend a 3O-4O gallon for one like the plecostomus or the golden algae eaters. There are some that are a reasonable size for a smaller fish tank... I don't know what size tank you have, though.

Danios are very hardy and easy to keep. So are tetras, and I have heard platys too, but the tap water where I live they don't seem to live very well in... Those are for smaller tanks. Angelfish are good too, but don't house agressive fish with them because the agressive fish will nip at their fins. Also angelfish need a large tank, and tall too, for their long fins. I have a male and female breeding pair of veil-tail angels in a 92, housed with gouramis, sharks, ciclids, and other large fish. They are doing great!
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