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Basics to beginning a fish aquarium?

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Asked at 2011.04.07 22:31:32
So as some of you've already heard and answered my earlier fish questions, here's the situation...

I only want a Betta fish. I'd give him a nice big tank all to him/herself I think it'd be nice a nice touch to have a mini aquarium on my desktop. I'm researching everything and have researched over and over the basics and the aquarium nitrogen cycle.... researched the facts on owing a betta fish thousands of times...
If I get a tank, it'd have to be around a 3.5 to 5 gallon tank. Correct me if I'm wrong, but these are the necesseties:
-3.5 or 5 gal tank
-Betta fish
-fish flakes AND bloodworms as treat
-API testing

Am I missing something? My brother had fish before but his filter was so noisy. Does anyone know of a fair-priced noiseless filter? And from everything here, cn you make an estimate of how much this will probably all cost? Easy 10 points :/?
answer Fallen  Answered at 2011.04.07 22:31:32
Betta pellets are better for them than flakes. Make sure to only feed 3-4 pellets a day with one day off for fasting so they can clean out their system. There are 5-gallon kits at WalMart and PetSmart that go for less than 40 dollars. These come with a lid/hood.

I have a 10 gallon tank with a betta in it, but instead of having an actual hood, I have a piece of screen on a wood frame over my tank with a spot cut out for my filter. Bettas can be jumpers, and you wouldn't want to find a dead betta when you get home.

I have a cascade filter.. AquaTech 2-10, or 5-15 I believe. I just have a piece of a soda bottle blocking part of the cascade so the current isn't so strong. The only thing you hear is the cascade hitting the water.

EDIT: Phansie, bettas are tropical fish. The only situation in which you wouldn't need a heater is if the room temperature stays at at least 78 degrees Fahrenheit. I live in Puerto Rico, so I don't need a heater (this is a tropical island). The nitrogen cycle is necessary for any fish, as ammonia, nitrite and nitrate is toxic to all fish. Your sister's betta is alive, but not necessarily happy. The filter holds the bacteria necessary for the tank.

EDIT2: Also, a gravel siphon and a thermometer. I got a thermometer for 2 bucks at WalMart and the siphon was 7ish. Vacuum/siphon your gravel in thirds. Every time I do a water change, I vacuum 1/3 of the gravel to get the poop out.
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