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Please help with getting rid of springtails on quarium surface?

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Asked at 2011.04.07 22:30:08
I asked a question earlier about bugs on my Oscars aquarium on the water surface and after some research I have come to the conclusion they are springtails but can't find any were advice on how to get rid of these pests. I can't overflow the tank as one person suggested as its in my carpeted sitting room. Please offer some advice and help as my partner is talking of getting rid of my aquarium and Oscar if they arnet removed n I realy don't want that to happen.
I used to have live plants but got rid of them n got plastic I also had drifted that I've got rid of and to be honest I only noticed them after I added that from my local garden center.
I feed Mario frozen blood worm n other frozen products such as large kill and cockles n muscles from my local pet shop which are apparently screened for parasites
The tank is very clean I do a water change once a week and that top is covered with a canopy. It's a fluval roma 55 gallon
Someone please please help don't wana get rid of Mario
Thanks in advance
answer Dan M  Answered at 2011.04.07 22:30:08
With the waste an oscar produces, a sump is valuable anyway. Install a sump under the oscar's tank. The overflow to the sump will skim the surface of the tank and dump the springtails into the filter material of the sump, eliminating them. Springtails thrive on the organic material that oscars produce so a sump would act two ways to remove the springtails physically and also remove much of their food source. The organics Mario produces may not affect the cleanliness of the tank, and could still be present, would be present, even in a clean tank. There is an example below of a sump with a Berliner wet dry. The top tray could be used to place a disposable mat or floss that would capture the springtails.

There is also a herbal product called No Planaria that controls worms and snails without harming plants or fish. It might knock the springtails out, but without changing the environment, there would still be an invitation mat out for springtails or some other unwanted detrivore to appear.
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