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Saltwater fish tank what about going to college!?

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Max Hanson 
Asked at 2011.04.07 22:28:58
As of now, I have a 29 gallon biocube and am planning on getting a fifty gallon I have a snowflake eel and blue damsal in it witha few cleaners and crustaceans. I am a freshman this year and will be out of school on may 22nd. I am starting to think about what to do about college... I really want to upgrade the tank to be bigger but also realize that I won't know what to do when it comes college time and then lawschool time (hopefully) and I will be working as a mediator in my spare time! My mom could probably take care of it but then what? I come back get the tank and move it back? I am confused and scared. I don't want to lose it and want to upgrade it only nnow getting into the saltwater hobby... I could sell the 29 gallon biocube and the fish inside but what about my beloved eel LOL I need to upgrade for him to a 55 in December but don't want to waste all of that money... I really don't want to give him up or anything what can I do? Please don't be assholes people be helpful with creative or practical ideas. Should I still upgrade it? Can the eel live alone in a 29 gallon tank? I am planning on getting a 14 gallon nano reef reef tank for college and now but could the eel live in my biocube alone if I put in alot more liverock or something? Ideas=blessings... thanks alot
answer Xelalena  Answered at 2011.04.07 22:28:58
First! Your hubby could be considered as your primary wealth! it is good to know that you're an animal lover! Here in our country, we do have our own hubbies, BUT! for me its not to difficult to decide whether to go to college or not in expense of my pets! Most people here are making their hubbies profitable! Meaning (for me) I rather think of my future first, then my hubbies next. Education is the only wealth you can't loose. You could have what you've sacrificed today right after you're fully educationally fulfilled. God Bless...
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