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Why are there so many spider's in my room?

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Abdul Naruto 
Asked at 2011.04.06 03:17:27
OMG i have this scary problem there are big black spiders in my room the first time we move here the place was full of spiders then the winter go rid of them and now a 2 years later i keep finding spiders in my room

last night i was listening to music and i was trying to sleep then i suddenly saw a big spider beside my head on the wall and i almost screamed i was so scared i got a book and hit it then i burn it with my lighter there are more hidden plz tell me how to permanently get rid of them all
answer HyperDog  Answered at 2011.04.06 03:17:27
Look around for holes or gaps leading into walls, beneath floors and up into the ceiling or attic. Plug them with caulking compound or just wadded up paper. Make sure all baseboard mouldings and window and door frame mouldings are nailed tight against the wall. If they cannot be moved or nailed to close any gaps, caulk them.

It's up to you, but I like to catch spiders (usually barehanded) and take them outside where they can do their valuable work of keeping the fly and mosquito population under control. But if you don't like closing your hand around a spider, a small jar and a postcard work pretty well. Place jar over spider, slide card under mouth of jar, tip it upright and go outside (or screw in the lid if you want to observe the exquisite little animal, and then take him/her outside).

This may seem a little strange, but a friend of mine once left bottles of aftershave untouched in his bathroom after a spider built a web on them. He would go outside, trap flies and bring them inside and let them escape a jar right onto the spider's web to feed it. It was like a pet to him.
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