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How to kill a spider?

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Tyler G 
Asked at 2011.04.06 03:09:30
Ok, so, let me start out saying this, I don't have any phobia (i guess you can call it a phobia if you want), but, I have a huge fear of spiders, even if their small. So, last night, I was on my computer in my room, and, when i was walking to my nightstand, all of a sudden I noticed a spider on my wall. It was small, but, as you can guess, I freaked out. So, normally I have my dad kill them, but, he was asleep. So, me being the drama queen I am, i shrieked and, well, totally lost it. So, I was thinking of all the ways in the world to kill it. And, I resorted to using a vacuum. So, as I got the vacuum, me being the scaredy cat I am, when I had the vacuum close to the spider, it took me about a good 10 minutes to even turn the vacuum on. And mind you the spider wasn't moving at all, it was very still as if it was dead or asleep. So, when I finally turned the vacuum on, boom, the spider moved like crazy. And I went bonkers. I ran like crazy out of my room and then at my bedroom door I would stare at the spider moving while freaking out. So, long story short, after freaking out watching it move, at one point it had came down from his web, and started crawling on my computer desk. So, I ran downstairs to go get my dad to kill it, but he was mad that I woke him up and said to just sleep and it won't hurt me, but, I wasn't about to sleep knowing there was a spider crawling in my room. So, by the time I ran back upstairs, I had lost the spider. So, you can assume what I did, I slept on the couch last night. Now, it's 12:20 PM here, I need to go upstairs to get a few things but am not about to open that door knowing there is a spider lose in their, so, what should I do? Or should I just surrender my room to the spider?
answer Mark  Answered at 2011.04.06 03:09:30
A Nuclear Holocaust.
You see spiders die from radiation. Most People think that stepping on spiders kills them unfortunately it doesn't Especially with the more aggressive spiders (Tarantula, Black Widow, Daddy Long Legs, etc.) You need to either get spider killing spray (Best used in intervals due to the risk of radiation) or wait for the inevitable Nuclear Holocaust launched by North Korea. Hope This Helps
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