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How do you get back to eating normally after you have your wisdom teeth removed?

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Asked at 2011.04.01 00:13:57
I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed Wednesday morning (today is Sunday) and I'm still eating soft foods and drinking liquids like the doctor said. There's no pain or swelling anymore, just a little sore spot on one cheek, and I'm still having a little trouble opening my mouth. I haven't eaten anything that requires back teeth, but I'm just wondering how you ease back into your regular diet. Also, should I try stretching my mouth or something to get it back to normal?

Thanks :)
answer meenakshi  Answered at 2011.04.01 00:13:57
I agree with TSR.

I also believe, you should try to switch to normal foods. As TSR suggested, try to stay away from 'hard' & overly crisp foods [nachos, pretzels, hard & unroasted nuts] for a while longer. Also, try to avoid overly salted foods for a couple days more. And colas, aerated drinks too - they will only irritate & increase sensitivity. And the dentist must've told you not to brush around that area for a while too ? - just so that the wounds heal properly.

As for normal food - You won't know until you've tried ! Be brave ;-)))
My dentist recommends a fairly quick switch-over, if everything seems normal. With the highly progressive dental techniques available, unease is at its minimum. I had my wisdom tooth removed a few months back & stayed on a semisolid diet for only 3-4 days [that too because of my own fears & hesitation ;-)]. But, of course, I could use the other side to eat !

Start your transition with a small helping of normal food alongside your soft food. If you can handle that, take larger helpings & gradually complete the transition & weaning away of soft/pulpy foods.

Hope this helps too.
All the very best :-)
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