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Top 10 CRAZY and FUN things to do this summer! And just stuff to do...?

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Asked at 2011.03.31 23:43:55
OKAY so i am finally 13 old enough to do a couple of things on my own... i want to have a CRAZY FUN and safe summer.... but what to do??? Nothing that will get me n trouble or arrested... jobs, fun stuff, games.. anything! Tell me your carzie summer story too! Detials..
answer LUVxLIKExWINTR  Answered at 2011.03.31 23:43:55
1.) Sit on your rof with your friends, and if someone gives you a weird look from the street, yell "We are waiting to board the mothership!"
2.) Throw a decades party. Make every dress up from whatever year you plan on doing for the theme, and play music from that era night and dance.
3.)Have a Water gun drive by. Take your water gun in the car, and shoot people walking down the street with it. Preferrably people around your age, or even people you know.
4.) Sleep out in your back yard with a bunch of your friends. It's creepy, yet super fun for everyone. Be sure to have a bonfire and everything. It's liek camping, but if you get sick of it, you can go inside.
5.) Take up a hobby you never thought you would. It even may be something "dorky" that you find you really like. Like maybe knitting, painting, or poetry.
6.) Play Sweet & Sour with some friends. Stand on a street corner and wave at every car that passes. If they wave back or smile, yell "Sweet." If they ignore you or give you a dirty look, "Yell SOUR!" and chase them as long as you would like.
7.) Buy lemonade from the kid down the street's lemonade stand; actually buy four, five or six. Make their day and tell them good luck and you love your drink.
8.) HAve a sleepover and at it play America's Next Top Model. Let someone be Tyra and the judges. Take pictures and talk about them. You'll get some laughs if you make people pose with certain emotions, such as sad, hyper, and preppy.
9.) Go to Wal-Mart and just sit in the middle of an isle with your friends. See how long it takes for someone to make you move.
10.) Have a Fourth of July party with all of your friends with big fireworks and yummy food! Make it unforgettable. Invite all your guy friends too, if allowed.
11.) Go an amusement park and enjoy all the rides and guys without shirts on.
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