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What is the most selfish thing that you have ever seen a bride/groom do in regards to their wedding?

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Jonny B 
Asked at 2011.03.31 00:53:58
Anything goes, from the planning, to the showers/stags/Jack and Jills, to the reception.

It could be anything from the way they treated their future spouse, family, friends, guests, caterer, officiant, etc...
answer kill_yr_television  Answered at 2011.03.31 00:53:58
I had been expecting a thank you note for the gift I had sent, and instead received a letter complaining that I had sent something not on the registry, and berating my "rudeness" in putting the bride to the trouble of returning something she didn't like and didn't want.

The most selfish things I see here on Y!A are:
Having your wedding at some distant "destination" and expecting people to use their vacation time and money to go to your wedding instead.
Expecting your bridesmaids to be available for you on short notice for weeks on end, as if they have no life of their own.
Wanting to invite "guests" but have the "guests" pay for their own refreshments and entertainment.
Giving a shower for someone in your own family, or even for yourself.
Demanding a shower and having someone "mine" the wedding guest list to create one, instead of accepting that your circle of acquaintance isn't going to organize a shower for you.
Treating bridesmaids as "cash cows" and ordering them to do this and buy that for the bride, when there was no previous agreement to do and buy these things but they have already paid for the dress and shoes.

But the list could go on and on. The Wedding Industry, with its magazines and web sites, does a great deal to encourage brides to set aside courtesy and consideration for the sake of wallowing in an orgy of self indulgence. The stress of a wedding already brings out the worst in most young ladies, and this sort of encouragement makes the worst even worse.
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