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Do u encourage dowry ? Yes or No and Read this.A True story in Zee News about a girl who refused to pay dowry

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Hope Summer 
Asked at 2011.03.31 00:48:28
Her name was Neta and she was the bride .And the bride groom name was Mahesh.

Mahesh 's family was asking Neta s family(Bride groom) 10 lakhs .When Neta came to know about this she refused and made her parents understand that if they would give 10 lakhs as a dowry,they might ask for more.Where are they going to give more money from?.Even though she was was dressed in her wedding dress and the family , friends and neighbours where present in the the marraige hall.

Mahesh s family told neta they would come to the marraige hall only if they paid 10 lakhs. Neta went to complain to the police station about this dowry the bride groom was askin.
Then even Zee News heard about this and put this story of this brave girl who refused dowry.She didnt care about the society what would they say about her and her family.
When a boy who was watching zee news saw this.He told himself that Neta was the right girl.Deepak convienced his parents and they agreed for Neta and Deepaks marraige.
answer sure  Answered at 2011.03.31 00:48:28
bravo!!! i think i'd do the same.. girls or marriage is not a business partnership.. where the girl pays money just to get married!! i think if a guy cant provide for the girl he's to marry he's not a man at all! asking money from a bride or her family whom the 'MAN' is supposed to take care of.. shows wat a sissy that fellow is.. he cant provide shelter or clothing or watever his wife asks..then why shud he marry??
a husband is one who can provide everything from a safety pin to the things his wife fondly asks him provided he doesnt go out of his means to give the are dominating and ask for respect as husbands and fathers.. then where does their self respect go when asking the girl, who comes having faith in his ability to take care of her dowry??
this is the verdict : any guy who asks dowry is not a man at all.
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