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TRUE MICHAEL JACKSON FANS! the story? read it :)?

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Stranger in VA♥ 
Asked at 2011.03.29 21:54:37
people were having trouble getting to my blog. so heres everything i have so far :)


"ding dong"...
"ding dong"...
Please answer!
The huge oak door creaks open slowly and there stands the most beautiful man I have ever seen, the man that graces every one of my dreams. The man I would sell my soul for.
He flashes a mouth full of perfect white teeth. His aviator lenses glint in the harsh sunlight. He holds out a sparkly gloved hand. THE sparkly gloved hand.
"Hi, I'm Michael. I've been expecting you" Such a simple sentence. But one that makes my heart beat uncontrollably.
I curse myself for hesitating to grab his hand. Maybe it is the huge snake, tenderly known as Muscles, coiled around his body. Or maybe it’s the fact that my palms are getting increasingly sweatier by the second.
Deep breaths. Take deep breaths I tell myself.
"Hello. Michael. I'm Lauren."
The next thing I remember is waking up on a comfy red couch. Mannequins of all shapes and sizes are hovering over me. I immediately sit up and inspect my surroundings. Oh my God, could this be reality? Am I really inside of his house? And if this is a dream, please don’t wake me up!
A shadow appears over me and I look up. That same beautiful angelic smile is staring back at me.
"Oh! Michael, I'm so so sorry. I don’t know what happened. I’m..."
His laugh interjects my blubbering. It is the single most beautiful laugh I have ever heard. I can’t help myself; a huge smile spreads across my face.
"It’s ok. Really. Don't worry about it. I'm kind of used to it," He says playfully. "Wanna go see the Ranch?"
"Of course!” I respond a little too quickly and a little too loudly. He giggles, but stoically composes himself. He takes my hand, and we start towards the door.
Minutes later we are racing go-carts around the winding track, taking no prisoners. Funny, I never expected my idol to be so competitive! He swerves in front of my cart, screaming, so innocent and child-like. Then he speeds away. I laugh to myself and press my pedal to the floor in an attempt to catch up with him. I don’t want him to be out of my sight. After about 20 minutes of racing, I see his cart come to a stop on the side. I pull over next to him. A slim but toned arm hangs out of the window. His fingers curl, beckoning me to come closer. I was out of my cart in 2 seconds flat. I made my way over to his window, as unsteady as a drunk. Ha, this man IS pretty intoxicating I think to myself. Leaning into the window I smell a sweet woodsy odor. He even smells amazing!? Oh Lord, please do not let me faint again.
“What do you want?” I question sarcastically, pushing him ever so lightly.
He blesses me with that heart melting smile and steps out of the cart. Before I know it my Roxy flip flops are lifted off of the go-cart track. He is carrying me, heaven only knows where. But I’m not complaining. His breathing is pretty even but I am so worried that I am too heavy for him. He’s muscular, but still so thin! After about 30 seconds of worrying I decide to close my eyes and savor the moment. I feel his heartbeat and at that moment, I knew I could die happy. Michael then flops me onto the grass beside a giant Ferris wheel. I lie on my back and smile up at him. He kneels over my prostrate body holding my arms hostage above my head. My heart must be about to beat out of my chest! I know that he can hear it!
“Don’t move a muscle,” he whispers.
“Your wish is my command,” I manage to say.
Michael then sprints off across the yard. I listen carefully as his footfalls become quieter and quieter. Obeying his command I lie on my back impatiently. My thoughts run wild. Did he desert me? Where did he go? When is he coming back? I drum my fingers against the cool grass to distract myself, I don’t succeed. Suddenly, a blast of cold water hits my face.
“AH!” I yell, wiping my eyes and standing up simultaneously. As soon as my eyes are clear I realize I am looking down the barrel of a gun, a Super Soaker to be exact.
“Oh no! Michael, NO!”
He pays no mind, squirting me mercilessly with the huge yellow and green water gun. I fumble around blindly trying to get my hands on him. I feel something plastic and cool touch my fingers. Revenge! I pick up my recently discovered Super Soaker and begin to pump it with the upmost ferocity. As I reach for the trigger I hear his mesmerizing voice.
“I never lose a water gun fight,” he shouts. We continue to drench each other with water for the next 10 minutes. Though, it was a pretty one sided fight. I feel myself collapsing onto the now soggy ground.
“I surrender,” I gasp. “No more!”
Michael grasps my shoulders and guides me to my feet.
“What did I tell ya?” He giggles. “I NEVER lose a water gun fight.”
I laugh in spite of myself. I begin draining my shirt and brushing off my shorts. I look up; I can feel Michael’s gaze on me through his sunglasses. I nervously purse my lips together and prepare
answer I ♥ hippie!  Answered at 2011.03.29 21:54:37
wow! my heart is really beating now! that was so passionate and romantic! i loved every word of it! and everything really sound like michael jackson's personality! u really have made him come alive again! great story! i really enjoyed it!
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