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Why reservations?Only one IIT or Only one IIM cannot solve problems. Create more job IIT's & IIM's in India!

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Indian wizard 
Asked at 2011.03.28 22:41:07
Reservations means shortage of something. Shortages have to be set right by creating more so that there is no shortage of jobs/vacancies or shortage of IIT's and IIM's should be fulfilled by creating more IIT's and IIM's. Only one IIT's in Tamilnadu cannot solve the requirements of the entire Tamilnadu people. Hence, more IIT's and IIM's should be created. Do you agree? Please
answer blessed souls  Answered at 2011.03.28 22:41:07
The so called "talented" guys, what would you guys be giving to a patient in an ICU to survive? Life saving drugs or vitamin tablets? The SC/STs and OBCs are in the ICU.Reservation is the life saving drug and the "primary education" bogey is the Vitamin tablets that you are prescribing.Now,now,now - dont you guys start of lamenting that the future of this great nation is going to die before your eyes if it is not saved by you "talented guys". What the hell were the generations of the "talented guy's" , "talented forefathers" doing for ages and ages without making this great nation stand on its legs? Ofcourse they were crying hoarse that they were "talented" themselves and that other's were rubbish and that the SC/ST's and other's (obc's)would do well to first learn to have a glass of gruel and sweat it out to allow the "talented" to ride on their backs.

Oh my God,let the "talented" have 100 lacs of Govt. money spent on each of them for their glittering IIT degrees and they will be benevelont enough to advocate spending a few 100 thousand rupees on "basic primary education" for the hordes of SC/ST's and OBC's, for otherwise they may find a NO VACANCY board in their travel agent's office for the next flight to USA on the day that the ink is still fresh on their final answer paper.And thus the great ambition of saving this great nation with their "talent" would have proved to be a mirage.

Every damn guy knows that the IIT's has all these years taken and produced "talented" guys.But where has the worth been proved for the benefit of the downtrodden people?Can the "talented guys" quantify and substantiate reasonably and clearly their direct contribution over the years?

Who said that SC/STs have not attained a status? They are there in very many govt. departments,organisations, universities etc etc atleast after 60 long years.

Mother Truth knows that her favourite children would not have had a chance otherwise.

So they definitely have attained a certain status.

Their more unfortunate bretheren do look up to them for elementary guidance atleast.
The percolation theory is working in the reservation system atleast.
What is still unfortunate is that the so called "talented guys" do everything possible to keep them in the dark as regards everything pertaining to the particular organisation in which they happen to be employed, - and this is common knowledge.Thus they ( the "talented guys ) ensure that the system of Segregation is perpetuated without respite. The "talented guys" would leave no stone unturned to use all their "talent" towards this end.And they would not lift their little finger to embrace them into the realm of progress and development.
My God, why the talent brigade would not use their forte to spend a thought for these unfortunate bretheren, heaven only knows.

Cruelty ,is thine name Talent?

Point to their dirt, filth,poverty,habits and all and preen yourself and kith on your divine talent.And there ends your "Talent".

Pause to think O' "talent" whence and how would a newly "Uplifted" be able to give a helping hand to his bretheren when "talented" hawks,and vultures are ready to swoop and throw the newly "Uplifted" into infamy at the slightest pretext ? Here too Survival becomes paramount my friend.

And how heartless of you to accuse that they are "ASHAMED" to mingle my dear friend "talent"!! They are "hesitant and even afraid" to mingle my dear,for fear of accusations by the "talent" brigade of Favouritism,
Neo-casteism and what not?

They certainly do not have the "talent" for this my dear.
They certainly do not and would not.

Therefore the solution that you seek for their betterment is to give them more reservation in education, jobs and promotions without any reservation in your "TALENTED MINDS" ,and for heavens sake, do not be bent on pulling them down or maligning them even when some of them have become collectors or police officials or other govt. officials,after considerable struggle.
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