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  Italics on facebook chat?

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Thatkid Quann 
Asked at 2011.03.27 21:24:23
is it possible to use Italics on the new facebook chat?
What are the updates? I've found underlined and bold.
answer confused.  Answered at 2011.03.27 21:24:23
ok, so i have looked and looked for italics on fb chat, but i dont think its available. however you can make your sentences bold and underlined by doing this:
*this is cool* <--(for bold)
_this is cool_ <--(for underline)

heres a complete list of fb chat emoticons:

:) - happy
:( - sad
:P - tongue
:D - grin
:O - gasp
;) - wink
8) - glasses
B) - sunglasses
:3 - cute/cat-like
>:( - grumpy
:/ - unsure
:’( - cry
3:) - devil
O:) - angel
:-* - kiss
^_^ - “kiki”
-_- - squint
O.o - confused
>:O - upset
<3 - heart
:v - Pacman
:|] - robot
:putnam: - a weird guys face (try this one, its scary/funny) lol

have fun & enjoy :)
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