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Hollister interview?

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kim p 
Asked at 2011.03.21 01:39:12
okay...i have a group interview for hollister this friday, and I want some tips that will help me nail this. [this is my first job interview ever]. How should I dress? Should I wear their merchandise, or dress really nice? Do I need to bring in anything like a resume? What types of questions do they ask? Gahh I'm so nervous!
answer adlfkhsdf d  Answered at 2011.03.21 01:39:12
Getting a job at hollister isn't hard. Yes you do need do have decent looks and a "hollister" style but that is only part of it. When you go for the interview there are certian things you'll need to know:
1. What to wear
2. How to act
3. What happens when you go for the interview
4. The questions

What to Wear
1. Starting with your hair. Wear it down and relaxed. Either lightly scrunch it so its wavy or keep it nice and straight. Don't try anything crazy or unnatural.
2. For makeup go very light. If you need to put something on make sure its natural. No crazy colors or fake lashes.
3. Clothing. You don't have to wear hollister clothing but wear what the brand represents. Hollister doesn't advertise their clothing so the people who wear it draw in customers.
4.Shoes go for the flip flops. Or Vans. Thats what employees have to wear.

How to Act
1. BE YOURSELF. I cannot stress that enough. Don't act fake happy and peppy. I can't tell you how many times my manager complains about that.
2. Be nice to the other applicants. Introduce yourself to all of them immediately and be nice.
3. Be outgoing. Be friendly. Be Yourself.

The Interview

1. Be at least 5 min early. Do not be late.
2. Walk in and tell someone at the register that you are there for the interview. They will most likely tell you to sit in the lounge and wait.
3. A manager will come out and introduce themselves. They'll give you a quick overview of what will happen and then take you most likely out of the store to another part of the mall.
4. Once you are situiated the interview questions will begin.

The Questions

1.They will ask you personal questions.
Like :
How would friends and family describe you?
Describe yourself.
Whats your best quality?
Why would you be a good addition to our hollister team?
And the question they most always ask is
What does diversity mean to you and how does it apply in the work place?

The last question is important to answer.

Sample answer: To me diversity is a mixture of different people with different backgrounds, ethnicities and customs working together to achieve a common goal. In the work place it is especially important because diversity helps employees to relate to a wider customer base and helps to create a fun and exciting environment.

Hope this helps!
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