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"I refuse to read a story if the opening line is..."?

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Asked at 2011.03.16 20:31:53
Finish the sentence, please. What I mean is this: on both Y!A and while reading books out of the library, there are certain key phrases that will make me stop reading a story instantly. Do you have any phrases like that? If so, examples please. If not, explain why.

My examples:
- If the opening line is, "I always knew I was different."
- If the opening line is, "The weather was cloudy that day, with a chance of rain."

Basically, give examples of sentences that would make you put a book back on its shelf.
answer Mommy Brained Madness  Answered at 2011.03.16 20:31:53
"Theresa Halloway was a normal teenage girl, until the day when everything changed."

"I walked slowly to the doors of my new school, I hated being the new kid."

"I woke up... (insert next appropriate unimportant action here, there are too many options to list.)"

"Violet Marks had special powers, only she didn't know about them yet."
payal02 Answered at 2021.02.16 10:24:04
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