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  How to drive my site to the top of the search engines?

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Asked at 2009.12.18 21:32:26
i have an site/forum and i want it showing up to th top search results page,How to drive my site to the top of the search engines?
answer [email protected]  Answered at 2009.12.18 21:32:26
Are you rolling in dough?

If so, you can use PPC like AdWords to promote your site. You can buy space on other sites to host your content with embedded text links back to your site, or you can buy links through link auctions. But all of these cost $$$.

If money is tight, try these free, guerilla tactics:

Blog other sites related to your site’s topicality, i.e. music. Close each post with your URL.

Write articles on music and post them on These are picked up by other sites, each time providing a back link.

Provide visitors with green content. Search engines like green, informational (non-sales) copy.

Embed text links in your site’s body text connecting site pages. Spiders and visitors follow links. This ensures faster, more complete indexing.

Submit your site’s URL to directories. Google “music directories.” There’s like a million of them.

Use social sites to create links to your site, i.e. Facebook, Myspace and, if you can do a cool video, upload it to YouTube. All free exposure.

Link to higher ranking sites related to music.

Check Google Analytics and Diagnostics to make sure there aren’t any code or text problems.

Use the Google keyword generator. Why swim upstream? Go with the 800-pound gorilla.

Use keywords in site text and in the site’s HTML meta data. Make sure keywords are the same.

Use keywords in headlines, headers and subheads. This gets them bolded in SERPs.

Finally, add title tags to pages containing new content. Each title tag (if it isn’t a duplicate) will get picked up as a separate SERPs link.

Hope that helps.

Paul Lalley
[email protected]
miaoxiao369 Answered at 2011.01.10 00:16:57
I was in some of the more right of re-posted on the website or forum and posts B2B information, or exchange links with them to improve my website traffic. My site is , this is a new station, you can see the effect.
younghelen Answered at 2013.11.20 22:10:57
The making the site in first of the Google is known as the search engine optimization. Bookmarking, directory submission, article writing etc. can make your site the first. But the regular working must be done. even though the site comes in the first position for one day it will change its position in the next time.
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