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Do cruise ships have anyway of defending themselves from attack?

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Asked at 2011.03.10 23:01:25
I've been on two cruises now and wondered this both times. What if modern day pirates (for lack of a better term) try to board and take over the ship. I mean, cruise ships have lots of stuff worth stealing on them and lots of people worth robbing. It seems to me that out in international waters, this scenerio is not really that far fetched.
answer mababischkin  Answered at 2011.03.10 23:01:25
It depends on the line and the destination...

Not much of an issue in the Caribbean - And friendly forces are typically just an inmarsat or radio call away...

Off the coast of Africa is a different story and in 2005 Seabourn's Seaborn Spirit was attacked by pirates in small boats... The ship managed to outrun the attackers and there were no injuries. They also had some defensive systems onboard and used a sonic weapon to fend off the pirates while the ship escaped...

In areas that are prone to pirate attacks, naval forces patrol actively to aid ships that may come under attack.
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