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Tips on cruise ships?

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USAF 2012 
Asked at 2011.03.10 22:31:12
I'm going to be on a cruise ship for my first time, and it will be through the Mediterranean!
Can someone that has been on one give me some "Do's" and "Don'ts"?
Is it a good idea to pay for the tours the cruise line offers? Cause all of them are really expensive, but I don't if they are worth it?
I don't get the food thing. Can I eat EVERY TIME I want and it's included on what I paid, or do they offer the 3 meals and you pay the extra food you want?
I speak spanish and english, will I have trouble with the staff crew? Because since the cruise line it's italian I think they'll be talking italian!
answer Misty Blue  Answered at 2011.03.10 22:31:12
I picked a couple of the tours offered on our Carribean cruise but on most of the stops we did our own thing for a whole lot less.I also found one of the tours offered were not terribly good value.We also arranged with other couples to share taxis or minibuses to various places to keep costs down and get to see the things we were interested in.Some forward planning would be needed,bit of research on each of your stopping points and planning ahead what you want to see and do.You might want to do exactly what's on offer on a tour but could do it for a lot cheaper in most cases.

On our cruise you could eat fit to bust, round the clock 24/7 but there was also an a la carte restaurant where you booked ahead and paid but prices were very reasonable.Alchohol is something you pay for,prices are very good.Tips were included in the package we had but most people give a decent tip to their cabin steward.
If you find your cabin unsatisfactory,noise issues,whatever, then complain and ask to be moved.Friends of ours did and got a much better cabin.
English will be fine.
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