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Would there be a dispute over "Macedonia" if Yugoslavia as a country did not split up?

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Miss ♥Cutie♥℠
Asked at 2011.03.10 22:22:35
I'm not trying to stir up any emotions, just wanted to know what could have been?

Also ,if Fyromians were part of Yugoslavia, why the sudden urge?

Why didn't they lay claim when they were part of Yugoslavia?
answer islander  Answered at 2011.03.10 22:22:35
To answer your question I think this would have a problem in the long run. Tito made a country out of many Slavic people and when he died the country fail apart. The FYROM area's name was Vardascar But he changed to Macedonia around 1939 in order to keep the Vardacar population together since it was composed of Bulgarians, Albanians, and Gypsies. So he gave them a name that every one would be proud of being Macedonias and tought them in schools
that they were the real Macedonias but the reality is that the original Macedonias were Greeks over 3000 yars ago and Alexander was the founder of the Hellenic Nation. Greece is part of NATO
but Yougoslavia was not so that kept a seperation of countries between Greece and Yougoslavia so everything was quite but if there was a war between NATO and The Communist block countries that would have been a big problem because the people of Vardascar had ideas that are showing today, since they believe that they are the Mediterranian Macedonians, and we took over Macedonia from them. Now that Tito is dead and Yougoslavia does not exist and NATO is the only power in the area they want to claim what they believe is their land. But I feel sory for them because they are misleaded and they are claiming teretories
that their population is not large enough to corespond to the land taritory they are claiming. Their recent election, the way it was handled, showed the division of these people. So to them is not only an identity problem but also a matter of survival. By making these claims, get them nowhere and perhaps we are looking another Kosovo near our border line.
So this is something that is not happening now but was burning since Tito's time and was looking for a reason to happen.
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