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True Love.............. When ?!?

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Asked at 2011.03.09 00:02:50
i have a question that really puzzles me, but at least i found ,lately, a solution to it.
when you love someone really from the bottom of your heart, really a true love (btw, i'm talking about love between man and woman)........... but then you find for example that it was love from one side which is yours of course, or even that you no longer see him/her but still love him/her.........
the question is............ how you can still love them ?!! , how is your heart so unfair and unkind to you that makes you still love them without any clue ?!
i believe it really harms you a lot when you try to love another person/new partner............ for you gave all your love and faithfulness to the first ?!............. you'll be unfair to yourself and the new partner.
so, i think that when you come to love someone, you shall not give all your love, emotions and passions to them........... just admire them strongly till you're sure of their true "Love" !!
answer baba where art thou  Answered at 2011.03.09 00:02:50
ok well here is my imput. i have had a hard childhood. my father and mother split. my father moved backed to egypt and i was raised by my mindless mother. who gave me a hard way to go and blamed me for all her problems. i became mindless myself...i wanted nothing to do with Allah. i wanted no children. i wanted no lover in my life. i had to go through councling because my mind was so damaged.

as you can see in my avatar pic. yes, this is my husband. i swore up and down that i would NEVER marry. i was tired of being hurt by those who claimed to love me. my counclor would always tell me that when the right one comes you will know. and you will be happy. i said no. i thought she was full of it...just telling me anything because she was being paid to make me feel better. those were my thoughts.

this was about 4 or 5 years ago. i am going on two years with my beautiful husband, Praise God. and she was right i have never been happier.

when he gets mad at me for any reason. i feel apart of me was missing. a few times he has gotten so mad at me that he wouldn't communicate with me. he wouldn't hold me in the night. i felt so alone, depressed and i couldn't breath with him angry at me. he is my weakness. it is like with out him i couldn't function. that is how deeply in love i am with him.

you know the saying is between a married man and woman. that they are one. i never understood what that meant fully until i fell in love with Amr. that is his name...aka Omar...because if he isn't happy i am not happy. and visa versa. if he is stressed, i am stressed. if he cries, i cry. if he smiles, i smile and again visa versa.

i never knew love was so powerful. this is my first marriage. and God Willing we will be together until God feels it is our time to go. no times soon God Willing. i want to grow old with him and die of natrual causes. as a matter of fact speaking of death...

i told Amr before, that if he leaves me in death. to tell the angel of death to come get me too. because i can't be here without him. i told him to tell that angel not to forget me. even thinking about it usually always brings me to tears. so anytime i write anything like this i must always say PLEASE GOD PROTECT THIS FROM THE EARS OF THE EVIL ONE AMEEN...

i hope this is a good inside look of my story and i hope you enjoyed it. God Bless

@ Onomatopoeia...i couldn't agree more with you...because i say the same Allahu Akbar!!!!!!!!! for my love not to steal ur words but my husband too is everything i needed and wanted in a man. and this makes me love him that much more. he is beautiful inside and out...i tell him he is beautiful in a manly way looool although it may seem strange to tell a man he is beautiful but he understands me...masha'Allah
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