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Is anyone else done with Jeff Hardy?

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Clark W-Shephard LOST 
Asked at 2011.03.08 23:50:48
Now, for those who know me on YA, I've always been a huge Jeff Hardy fan. I've always backed him and got to bat for him when people trash him, but after this latest thing, getting arrested, I've lost interest in him.
I mean, and I REALLY hate to say it, how many chances should one guy get? Yes, he's a fantastic performer, but I can't honestly say I'm a fan of his anymore. With basically the wrestling world at his fingertips, you'd think he'd figure it out and get his act together. It's just really dissapointing.
answer THE BOTTOM LINE!!!  Answered at 2011.03.08 23:50:48
I wasn't going to answer this because I've talked too much about this topic and I was basically tired of it. But after reading some of the answers here I had to get my 2 cents in.

I mentioned in another answer that if you don't want your kids, nephews, whoever to idolize a drug user, then don't let them watch wrestling AT ALL.

Fine, Jeff has many kid fans in the audience, how many kids idolize Rey Mysterio, how many kids idolized Hulk Hogan, how many kids were behind Chris Benoit when he was wrestling in the WWE and got his World Title, how many kids idolize Shawn Michaels, who probably did as much drugs as Jeff Hardy did in the past, and many kids idolized him back then, how many kids idolized Eddie Guerrero, who passed away because of his body giving up on him after so much drug abuse.

Yet you don't here ANYBODY, bash those as much as Jeff gets bashed. Even Benoit gets a pass for his actions, fine he had a mental problem at the time, Hogan gets bashed for being a horrible wrestler..NOTHING else, NOBODY bashes Eddie Guerrero, I see SO many users with HBK avatars, NOBODY says anything bad about Rey Mysterio...yet Jeff Hardy is a problem. If Benoit or Eddie were around today, they would also have problems with the wellness program, but nobody thinks of that. The wellness policy is relatively new and Benoit and Guerrero passed away well before the policy was instated.

So if you don't want your kids to idolize a drug user, change the channel when wrestling comes on, they shouldn't be watching that at their age.

Also, Jeff did this after he was no longer employed by the WWE. I could understand if Jeff did this while with the company, messing up the shows or even no showing due to the drug use, but Jeff did none of that while with the company during this last run after his second suspension.

Kurt Angle got caught with steroids not too long ago, is anybody bashing the hell out of him? John Morrison, Carlito, Randy Orton, ALL these wrestlers have failed a wellness test and have strikes against you let your kids watch them?

If you don't want a young one to idolize a drug user, change the channel, turn a video game on, turn the TV off or something else when wrestling comes on. Don't let them watch Baseball, Football, Basketball, MMA, Boxing, any sport that has known drug users.

How many chances can he get? Hulk Hogan got a whole era for himself with Steroid abuse, Shawn Michaels became World Champion with the company as a heavy drug user, Eddie Guerrero the same, Chris Benoit the many chances were THEY going to get?

I'm not defending Jeff for anything he did, what he did was illegal and wrong. It's the hate towards him that doesn't make any sense to me. If he showed up to a show high as hell acting dumb on TV, if he no showed because he was busy doing drugs like he did at one time in his career...that's understandable. But he's not even wrestling anymore, and he was reliable during this last run he had into the main event.

Also, Jeff Hardy is an ADDICT. Once somebody is addicted, the addiction is not something that person can just kick to the side. That person cannot just say, I'm stopping doing drugs now, and just stop Cold Turkey. Their mentality is all messed up, and clouded and reliant on the drugs once they're addicted.

In order for Jeff change for the better, he needs someone to go to him, isn't going to take no for an answer and tell him straight up, you have a drug problem, you need some help. Jeff can't do this on his own at this point with the addiction he has...he needs others to help him.

He can't admit that he has a drug problem, that's basically THE problem. Just about ALL drug addicts have trouble admitting they have a drug problem, not just Jeff.

Eddie took a while to admit he had a problem, it took Scott Hall a while to admit he had a drinking problem, Jake Roberts is another's likely it'll take a little bit for Jeff to finally admit he has a drug problem also..just like those others.

Just like when an alcoholic goes to AA meetings, their first day, they have to say "My name is so and so, and I'm an alcoholic." There's a reason they have to say that during their first day, admission is the first step towards recovery, and admission is probably one of the most difficult steps to get through.

I wish Jeff well, I hope he overcomes his demons, I will not hate Jeff because he has a problem, rather I hope he is able to fix his problem. He was reliable during this last run, even at the end he gave CM Punk a feud that got him as over as he's ever been. So while wrestling during that last run, he was reliable and came through..I have no reason to hate him wrestling wise.

As a human being, I hope somebody helps him, and gets him closer to recovery. Matt hardy, Chris Jericho are some of the people that are behind him no matter what, and I hope they do everything they can to get Jeff past his drug problems.
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