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What do you think of AJPW + APW Triumph!?

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Rob Van Dam APW GM 
Asked at 2011.03.08 23:48:08
Dark Match
Risky Business vs Kawajai

Match 1
APW Women's championship
Amie vs Sandy

Match 2
Adrenaline Title Match
Championship Scramble Match
Golden Boy Alex vs Narcisista Por Excelencia vs Siberian Wolverine vs Undisputed Jericho vs Golden Falcon

Match 3
APW Tag Team Championship
Ted DiBiase Jr & Bio-Hazard vs Broken Dream & Artist Of Money

Match 4
Anarchy Division Championship
6 Man Ladder match
The Funking Punk vs Shooting STELLAR Press vs Dark Demon vs E&C Connection vs Justin vs MA Beast

Match 5
APW Pure Title
Fallen Diablo vs The Raven Effect

Main Event
APW World Heavyweight Title
RNW vs Deadman 4 Life vs WBHF vs The Living Legacy
answer WBHF (Fed Account)  Answered at 2011.03.08 23:48:08
Dark: Kawajai
1: Draw
2: No Contest
3: Double Disqualification
4: SSP
5: Double Countout
Main Event:----------------------------------…

Tonight marks a new era in Yahoo! Answers. 2 of the best Fed owners of all time have joined forces to make a fed and I am proud to be a part of it. I have been criticized for joining this fed after I declared that I would not join anymore feds. I know that this is the next “It Fed” in Y!A and there is no way I could turn it down. I have been Champion time and Time again and now it is time for me to bring my talents to a new fed. I know that tonight could be the last time I ever debut in a new fed, and I am not going to disappoint. I have won in my debut matches before and I can do it again. Every time I have joined a show upon it’s inception I have become the Inaugural Champion, You better be prepared for me to that once again. I have been Champion in feds owned by PHBK and I have been Champion under Fallen Diablo so When I do win here tonight it really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Winning tonight may not be easy, but I will overcome the odds as I have time and time again. The First opponent is Deadman 4 Life, possibly the best Fed Superstar in all of Y!A. It is true that I am like 0-9,000,000,000 against him. I am tired of not being able to beat you. Beating you is the one odd that In can’t overcome. I have been told that I am #2 Superstar in Feds, but maybe this is one of those situations where the #2 just can’t beat the #1. However, tonight I don’t have to beat you. Luckily there is a pair of other Superstars in this match that I can and have beaten before that I can beat and become World Champion.

Next is the Living Legacy. I have beaten you before and you have beaten me before. We are both former World Champions in the biiggest feds. Unfortunately for you, tonight is my night. Tonight I will become Champion once again and you will lose because I know that I can beat you. We have both had storybook careers that have been littered with controversy, tonight I add another chapter to mine while your pen runs out of ink. I will beat you like I have done before.

Finally we Have Rock N’ Wrestling. RNW, you and I have tons of Bad Blood between us in between the ropes and tonight that Bad Blood gets a little bit worse. We have locked horns in several feds and time after time I get the upper hand. Tonight will be just like the days of SPW and YWSE where I pin you with the Title on the line. APW will be just like all the other feds, I will be the World Champion and you will win a Slammy for being Underrated. Many people may see you as being Underrated but those people have never been in the same ring as you. Guys like me know that you aren’t Underrated, we know that you are really Under Talented. That’s right, I said it. Rock N’ Wrestling doesn’t belong in the Ring with guys like WBHF, Deadman 4 Life or Even The Living Legacy. He should be in the Ladder Match tonight but unfortunately I don’t think he could win that match either. But in the end I am kinda glad that he is in this Match. He makes my job easier, All I have to do is get Deadman 4 Life and the Living Legacy out of the way and the match is pretty much won.

Anarchy Pro Wrestling signals a new Chapter in the history of Y!A. I have been Champion everywhere I have ever been, APW gives me a chance to do what I love to do…Kick *** and Win Championships. It is another place for me to reign supreme. It is another mountain for me climb to the very top of and laugh at all the Suckers that can’t be me. It doesn’t matter which of the opponents I pin tonight, All 3 of you have tasted the Worlds Biiggest Boot before. At least one of you is going to taste it once more and then I will Stand over your lifeless body with a grin on my Face Holding the World Championship. The Aeon of WBHF has peaked it’s face in numerous feds, APW will soon be added to that list. My complete and utter domination of Yahoo! Answers Feds gets another jewel added to the crown. There is no other person that has decimated opponent after opponent like I have. However, every time I start to completely dominate my opponents I always run into one pot hole. That pot hole has the name of Deadman 4 Life. That pot hole becomes an insignificant part of my past tonight. Tonight I also get to improve my already stellar record against Rock N’ Wrestling. He jokingly told me I wasn’t Fly enough to be Champion, tonight I will show him just how much of a joke that was. The Living Legacy and I have gone back and forth in our plethora of Matches but tonight I get one over on him.

However tonight really isn’t about my opponents. Tonight, is about the Anarchy Pro Wrestling World Championship and more importantly tonight is about Worlds Biiggest Hardy Fan. I have a hunger and an obsession for Championships and I decimate anyone and everyone that comes between me and winning those Championships. Some people would say I am craz
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