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Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy? + YWSE Smackdown! Vote and Rate!?

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Darien Dumasâ„¢ 
Asked at 2011.03.08 23:37:37
Match 1
“The final face off”
RNW vs LionHart

Vickie G appears on the stage with a microphone in hand “EXCUSE ME!!! I SAID EXCUSE ME!!!!! Both MN and RRJ have disrespected me in the chat. I told you all I was not going to take any crap from you people so tonight, we are going to have RRJ vs MN. I don’t care which one of you wins, I just hope you tear each other apart! I WILL be respected!”

Match 2

Match 3
Tag team match
Jen and DX_Lover vs Edgehead and Sarah

Match 4
Tag team match
Psycho Dude and HT vs Shayan and SheltonB

Match 5
Luke vs UJ vs Maxi


Backstage, PHBK is getting a drink and Rohit walks up to him and taps him on the shoulder. “I just wanted to personally thank you for costing me my shot at the World title” Rohit says to PHBK. “Maybe If you were a better wrestler, I might not have kicked you in the face sending you flying over the top ropes” PHBK responds. An Irate Rohit throws a cup of hot coffee in PHBKs face and spears him to the ground. The exchange fierce blows and PHBK tackles Rohit right through a door. However that door was Vickie G’s door as the two roll on the floor exchanging blows, Vickie yells for some referees to get in here. As referees separate the two, a furious Vickie had this to say: “You break down MY door!? This is MY office and I WILL be respected! You two want to fight so bad? Then do it in the ring, this Sunday at Wrestlemania! Now get them the HELL out of my office!”

Match 6
“Canadian championship” match (U.S title)
Darien Dumas (c) vs Fizz

Match 7
Tag team
Clark and KOK vs TME and Matt

*Be sure to check out Wrestlemania! (Card posted Saturday, Results posted Sunday) Who will be the ones to walk out with gold on the grandest stage of them all? Don't miss it!*
answer Matt Swagger aka Michael Kaidà Answered at 2011.03.08 23:37:37
WQ: matt hardy

PROMO: Well clark this is it can you feel it, its almost time for me to become the next YWSE champion. My time is near and your time is just about up so enjoy this tag match because whether you win or lose this will be the last match you walk out being the YWSE champion at the end.

And even though you have a superior partner in kok then your regular lackey, it still doesnt matter because i got a superior partner in the main event to counter him. Your team will still lose. Clark everyone realizes your nothing but a joke having to hold on to your belt through cheap ways and having to use other people, and i will be the one to finally take you down and then everyone will be cheering matt swagger even more.

Starting with tonight and ending at wrestlemania your humiliation will be complete, first me and tme make a fool out of you and kok, then sunday i will take that belt.
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