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HELP I lost my double toe, one footed axel, and double salchow. What should i do?

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freestyle 6 sk8r <3 
Asked at 2011.03.07 23:43:50
Please help me!
answer Bumble  Answered at 2011.03.07 23:43:50

now, take a deep breath, and keep reading.

I read Sasha Cohen's book, Fire on Ice, so hopefully this will help. Go find videos of you doing your double toe. Watch it carefully, and observe. Repeat the video as many times as needed so u have it stuck in ur head, timing, coordination, even facial expressions. Now try flooring it. If you fall, stop, watch the video clip. Then do it while the clip is running so it helps u feel more comfortable. It should bring some confidence into the picture too!

Once you have handled the toe, go for the axel. Repeat the previous process. Then floor the toe and the axel, just so u remember it. Then so on and so forth. If this doesn't help, just go out to ur ice rink, and just watch other skaters land their jumps. Think, I CAN DO THIS, and try landing it after the videos. If you still can't land it, bring ur dvd player to the rink, and do it while watching. Ask your coach for support, and do not think about it too much or u'll mess up ur timing.

Im sure u are gonna do great. Just keep working at it, and ull be back on track :D
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