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Why are some surfers so mean?

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Asked at 2011.03.07 00:32:36
There was guy who was trying to learn how to surf, all the locals were teasing him, and purposely cutting him off. They were so mean, that I felt really bad, so all I did was give him a little pointers, showed him how to kneel down on his board so he would have a better balance when he stands and where to place his feet, but most of the surfers, were upset that I helped him. It’s not like he will be able to out - surf them any time soon so what’s the big deal? =P
answer Da Braddah  Answered at 2011.03.07 00:32:36
I think that maybe Kealoha may be right, I know if I was a local guy surfing, and there was this hot chick helping this doofus guy pretending that he did not know how to surf, I would be pretty mean to this guy. Come on now, if he did not know how to surf very well then wtf, why was he surfing where there were a lot of guys, duh, you had to know that other guys would be teasing him for his stupidity and then to try and "hook up" with one regular girls there... he was asking for it, and if he was on the west side, he would probably get beaten up pretty badly. It's a guy thing, waves are already hard to come by with all the "good surfers" out there, so when there's a doofus like him, he is bound to feel the grunt of it all.
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