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Where can i buy H2O mermaid tails to swim in???  

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Asked at 2011.03.07 00:26:42
i really want to get the H2O mermaid tails like in the tv show h2o just add water.My sister,friends,and i really want some.We LOVE h2o so we really want a pair of mermaid tails to swim if you find anything that looks exactly (or almost exactly) like the real ones. Please help!!!!!=)
answer George Malvin  Answered at 2011.03.07 00:26:42
The company that produced the tails is JMB FX Studio. You can make an enquiry on their website:
answer 50.89.91.* Answered at 2011.08.11 18:05:15
go on you will find ho tail and realist tail
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