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When fishing for salmon are you allowed to clean the fish of the fish eggs then throw fish back in water?

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Asked at 2011.03.02 22:07:12
My grand kids and I were walking the rails and saw some men salmon fishing.One had a plastic bag of fish eggs.He made no secret of it and answered the kids questions.He told them that when he catches the salmon if someone wants the "meat" of the fish he gives that to that person and he keeps the eggs.He said if no one ants the "meat" he releases the fish.I don't know if he told us the truth or not.The reason I am asking is that on our walk we saw quite a few fish carcasses that had been completely cleaned out and the head and the outer "skin" was thrown back in the creek.I'm from Ontario, Canada if that makes a difference.
answer caunltd  Answered at 2011.03.02 22:07:12
Well, it would be kokanee salmon only if it's landlocked, sockeye salmon. Otherwise, it might be either coho or king salmon.

The purpose of "harvesting" eggs is to be able to cure them and use them for bait. Salmon eggs are a favorite bait of most trout, ESSPECAILLY STEELHEAD! Many eastern Europeans also enjoy the eggs as caviar...personally, not me. I use them for bait.

The practice is really determined by a conscious, ethical decision on the part of the angler. Some fisheries are very well endowed with fish, and can sustain harvesting like what this individual was doing. Other fisheries, like the one I call home, cannot. Canada is a fairly well perserved fishery, and I imagine that the salmon population will not suffer from the harvesting.

Hopefully that person will toss those dead salmon back in the water. The dead salmon will help provide much needed nutrients in the food chain that will eventually provide food for the smolt ("baby salmon") that hatch later. That's one of the wonderous things about salmon, although they die, their death is to provide for their offspring!

Anyway, to actually ANSWER your question....yes, that is allowed.

However, there is typically a limit as to how many fish you can "take" per day. Even taking just the eggs is constituted as "1 fish" in nearly every fishery I've had the pleasure of fishing. As for Canada, and that particular creek, if there is no limit, then he can do it as much as he wants. If there is a limit, then he should only be doing it as many as the law allows.
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