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In your opinion, what makes a Martial Arts teacher "The Best"...or at least one of the best?

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Madison 3:16 Anderson Rhodes 
Asked at 2011.03.02 21:57:39
ALSO, How can I find the best one for me? Are there any "bad" teachers? Explain as much as you want.
answer Master T  Answered at 2011.03.02 21:57:39

There is so much discipline in the martial arts, that you really need to have an instructor and mentor that you really trust.

I got my black belt through 7 years of training, but in looking back, there was a point in time when I SHOULD have quit the dojo and found another place to train.

Here is the story... I used to pay for my classes in 3 month intervals and I always paid with cash. One time, I paid one of the assitant instructors (black belts) my fee for the next 3 months. We were in the office and started talking about stuff. I was distracted by the conversation and I left without picking-up the receipt from the office desk. I realized my error that night when I got home and decided I would look for it the next day. When I arrived at the studio the next day, no one was in the office, so I quickly glanced from the door. I saw a small slip of paper, by itself in the trash can by the door. Sure enough, it was my receipt. Fine. A week later, the owner of the place asked me when I was going to pay. I explained that I already had paid. He said he had no record of it. I told him I would find my receipt from home and show him. I found it and brought it to class on my next visit. He was SHOCKED. It was the receipt that HE had found on the desk and that HE had thrown in the trash..and now I had it once again. He then went on to give me some sort of lecture about something....but I felt betrayed that he knew full well that I had paid my dues for the next 3 months and that he would try to charge me again...after I had been training at his studio for 5 years and had attained the rank of brown belt.

There were some other incidents related to me by some other students at that dojo that made me feel that the owner was less than honest with many people. For me it was all about martial arts and everything it had to offer...including integrity. For him, deep down, it was all about money and how much more he could squeeze out of his students.
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