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Are these the reasons why Obama will get re-elected? 2 Lib Smasher 05.22 / bondsally
Do you agree that Sarah Palin has ten times the intelligence of Barack Obama? 2 Jack 2021.10 / 185.210.140.*
The most dangerous terrorist organization in the world? 3 Vernon Dozier: Redux 2021.09 / sbrut558
43 years ago today we lost 6000 men in one battle, should we have quit.? 2 tony a 2021.08 / Erick1805
Is email marketing important for politicians? 0 obiyaninfotech1 2021.07 / obiyaninfotech1 0 dfglhjxza 2021.06 / dfglhjxza
Why Is Evolution Not Seen As A Conservative Idea? 2 Jim Timmy 2021.05 / 36.81.238.*
Can you think of any worse examples of the rich exploiting the poor than these l.. 2 scooterpoop 2017.04 / 100.43.129.*
Who makes the money on buying our national debt? 1 Funloving 2011.04 / serenaz
Who came up with ADHD? 1 William C. 2011.04 / Rich B
If our government were not nothing more than a political theater? 1 脴鹿脴搂脵艩脴麓脴漏 2011.04 / Crystal
What does an economist do? 1 Selena Gomez Fan 2011.04 / Big bad Bob
Is Africa due for a retaliation? 1 Justice isnt Color Blind 2011.04 / Rob
If the Democrats were to abolish private property, would we all have to live in .. 1 The Lord Nii Sapu of the Geese 2011.04 / tigeress
Who will lead the world at 2050 india or china? 1 Anand 2011.04 / Mandatory
Why didn't the Confederacy just ban slavery on its own? 1 STRAUSSIAN 2011.04 / PatrickLB
The US is a Christian nation ..... true or false? 1 Trout 2011.04 / zach k
Why is it that every time the Republican party does something bad, they blame De.. 1 Tectonic French Toast (w/syrup 2011.04 / Cap'n T
Obama down to 41% approval. How low can he go? 1 Democrat Traitor 2011.04 / Tish P
If the Dems and the French hadn't cried so hard against Reagan's assault on Qadd.. 1 El Tecolote 2011.04 / lise t
How many have actually looked at the full text of the Ryan plan? 1 Thoughtful Monkey 2011.04 / Law Meazy says Monet my day
What has Boehner and the House done for the people , where are the jobs? 1 mike 2011.04 / You may call me MASTER
Hi which of the 2 US Presidents was good,made America strong & loyal? W.Bush.. 1 Adam Loves Coca-Cola 2011.04 / Thoughtful Monkey
Would Obama, the highly intelligent, president of our 57 U.S. states, ever say t.. 1 BAD PENNY BLONDE 脗庐芒鈥灺 2011.04 / Patches O'Houlihan
Do you think the ideal person to run our Country should be the greatest "bu.. 1 Law Man's songs of freedom 2011.04 / Mr. Smartypants
Why are Cons trying to pressure President Obama to produce a "long form&quo.. 1 Law Man's songs of freedom 2011.04 / Paul Jackson
With the FAA being dangerously underfunded should the conservatives be pushing f.. 1 Air force Devil dog 2011.04 / Final Point
Some say Republican Chris Christie is a political heavyweight,some question if h.. 1 Fly In the Ointment 2011.04 / Tea Party Nazis of America..Si
Did you know our Township outlawed trailer parks, as to not attract tornadoes. I.. 1 Lastname Comma Firstname 2011.04 / Ou812 The Hated Crakker
Is NASA spending billions to look in space for intelligent life because they cou.. 1 Reality Has A Spin Bias 2011.04 / Shovel Ready
Do you notice a weak field in the likely conservative presidential candidates? 1 robert c 2011.04 / Poohcat1
Is Donald Trump right..that Reagan and GW Bush were Worst Presidents this countr.. 1 Fly In the Ointment 2011.04 / Bob Rat
Do facts have a liberal bias? 1 Incarcerated Bert 2011.04 / Les S
Should we punish evil corporations WalMart and McDonalds? 1 idiot 2011.04 / Four Eyed Jack
Since Palin is most hated by Liberals, Who besides Obama, on the Left, do conser.. 1 TheDude 2011.04 / Bob G...The return of
What do you think of Trump's comments last night that Obama should be in jail ov.. 1 Obama is Trump's Servant 2011.04 / vwvw40
Do you support the Sheriff of Nottingham, Paul Ryan? 1 The Equalist 2011.04 / Lib Smasher
Why does John Boehner (rhymes with loner) cry all the time? 1 Weeble 2011.04 / Bachmann Palin Overdrive
Is it possible to dislike Ayn Rand AND Karl Marx? 1 thereisnosecret 2011.04 / mattle
Republicans,can you please tell me how abortion or gay marriage has directly aff.. 1 Tectonic French Toast (w/syrup 2011.04 / Idiocracy the Meat Puppet
Poll: Which political system would lead the USA on an excellent path? 1 Moronga123 2011.04 / Boober
Why don't conservatives beat libs at their own game? 1 Obama Carny 2011.04 / stygianwolfe
Why does Obama look so drained since Trump started batting him around: he looks .. 1 Obama is Trump's Servant 2011.04 / TIGER
What is Obama's response to the allegations by Trump that Obama had poor grades .. 1 Obama is Trump's Servant 2011.04 / Sophie脗漏
The Ohio Senate passes a bill that allows guns in long as you don't .. 1 Lois Griffin 2011.04 /
Will Palin accept another VP offer or does she just want to pick her VP? 1 Old School MC 2011.04 / Paul Grass芒鈥灺⒚⑩灺
Can I open a porn shop next to the ground zero mosque? 1 I 芒鈩⒙ Barry 2011.04 / Elise D
Can you ever push too hard for gun control? 1 Fox is Propaganda 2011.04 / Norman Invasion
Do unions prove socialism doesnt work? 1 Charles 2011.04 / titou
Instead of deporting hardworking Undocumented Immigrants, why doesn't the US dep.. 1 Justice isnt Color Blind 2011.04 / oldwolf1951
Why did Michelle 0bama tell her dughters that daddy was born in kenya? 1 dstr 2011.04 / Paul Grass芒鈥灺⒚⑩灺
Give me four words to describe president Barack Hussein Obama? 1 Cricket 2011.04 / Political Enigma
Would a depression really happen if Obama had just let those irresponsible compa.. 1 The Warrior 2011.04 / Truth Hertz
Did Rush Limbaugh really have sex with a cantaloupe? 1 Yawning kitteh 2011.04 / Son of a Ren
Is Obama giving Republicans enough rope to hang themselves with by keeping the B.. 1 Law Man's songs of freedom 2011.04 / El Tecolote
Why does Obama act like a tough guy with Republicans but not with the Mexican Pr.. 1 Rich B 2011.04 / Bob G...The return of
Why is it that job hiring is still frozen and why is it still so hard to find jo.. 1 AJ 2011.04 / Texas Cowgirl
Is striking in this economy really a wise choice? 1 Right-wing nutjob 2011.04 / Ben W
Suppose Representatives actually represented its constituents, would we need spe.. 1 Lastname Comma Firstname 2011.04 / Ecologicdude Gulfoil
THIS JUST IN: 0bama's poll numbers are so bad that Kenyans are now claiming he w.. 1 iris054's Shoe Fetish 2011.04 / Right-wing nutjob
Does the Left need a Glenn Beck? 1 fistoffury 2011.04 / AS119
Which Democrats do you think will run against Obama in the primaries? 1 Huevos Rancheros芒鈥灺 2011.04 / Shara
Is the tea party in control of GOP policy today? 1 Rico 2011.04 / Will
Did the crew of the USS Abraham Lincoln also force Bush to dress up in that flig.. 1 Pray for Obama 1 Peter 2'18 2011.04 / Oxycontinus Addictus Maximus
What does it mean to be a Conservative in your opinion? 1 Law Man's songs of freedom 2011.04 / I
Instead of the political parties being called the left and right should we chang.. 1 Anthym of our dying country 2011.04 / William Dorkinstein
Why do liberals hate the rich but don't say a word about welfare bums? 1 Anthym of our dying country 2011.04 / kchess07
So It has been 100 days of a Republican House, when is the Jobs Bills coming to .. 1 Mike 2011.04 / tonalc2
Is it true...He/She who writes the checks makes the rules? 1 Steven Tyler 2011.04 / america
True of False: Is this the country your ancestors died for -- In Texas, 70% ille.. 1 Sophie 2011.04 / Black Angel
Why do you die from lighting a car in a closed garage? Can you only use old cars.. 1 Jan Legarth 2011.04 / LeAnne
Poll: Were you born in Kenya? 1 Andy 2011.04 / john
Liberal or Conservative - Have You Ever Been Suspended For Something , But Were .. 1 Earnest T 2.0 2011.04 / leeloo 芒鈩⒙
Whatever happened to real global-minded solutions to American problems? 1 scooterpoop 2011.04 / Charles
235 out of 241 House Republicans voted today to kill Medicare? 1 Lost 2011.04 / FLSwampBoy
Do Republicans realize no Health Insurance company would insure someone that is .. 1 fistoffury 2011.04 / Alex Tubruton
Do you think Nancy Pelosi was born as a human on earth ? 1 Boomer 2011.04 / Alex Tubruton
Do you know the difference between a Keynesian and a Kenyan? 1 Andy 2011.04 / TheOnlyBeldin
Is it a slap to journalism integrity when mediamatters states they have the righ.. 1 Reality Has A Spin Bias 2011.04 / Liberalism has a delusional bi
Politics: Obama doubled down on being born in Hawaii on ABC news.Is he setting h.. 1 King of American Blacks 2011.04 / Polly

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