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US History - Why did several new nations turn to the Soviet Union rather than th..   8 Joe Bin 07.22 / ashimagupta02
How Can Supreme Court decisions be overturned?   6 ballindymetb03 07.12 / 182.108.150.*
RRB Group D Recruitment 2023 Online Apply, Syllabus, Exam Date, Pattern 0 exam88 06.23 / exam88
Who is responsible for this Present entire mess we are dealing with and facing t.. 2 Chief Scout, Is Hunting.bots 05.27 / 89.209.216.*
How come Pelosi's book sold 3thousand copies in 2 years and Sarah Palin's has so.. 2 Dakota 2021.09 / eastine
Are members of Congress spending more or less time in their seats than in the pa.. 2 FutbolFan2147 2021.06 / 37.111.199.*
What do you think happens to people who don't have insurance or whose claims are.. 2 Hempington 2021.03 / Spencerspecs
What does in mean when you plea ''no contest'' in a court house in usa? 1 芒鈩⑩毭⑩劉鈧 2011.04 / kevin
Can you give an example of a technocracy ? 1 Sarina 2011.04 / RAZNA
Do you obey the government? Or do you ignore the government? 1 Cat Faustino 2011.04 / Professor Mcduck
Why does Obama seem to be set on breaking the back of America? 1 bob 2011.04 / Kable Devidus
Is obamas heath care plan still in affect? 1 myja 2011.04 / JimBeam
Why don't we just do away with the IRS and have a federal sales tax? 1 Lynnmarie 2011.04 / Common Sense
Will the government really shut down? 1 Alicia 2011.04 / dogbeith
Will Obama be remembered as a "black mark" on American History? 1 smoking wen pragnent harms you 2011.04 / Mike S
What are benefits of buying the Federal Duck Stamp? 1 Crystal 2011.04 / jaker
What are the social classes in the United States? 10 pts? 1 芒鈩⒙a_La_La芒鈩⒙ 2011.04 / Cheyenne
Does Obama have memory problems? Can he not remember his own State of the Union .. 1 TAT 2011.04 / FLbeachGrl
What are the budget cuts? 1 Syndee J 2011.04 / radiomankc
Does democracy work any more? 1 Bridget Bieler 2011.04 / Anton Smith
Why does power corrupt? 1 tackster 2011.04 / entropys_advocate
Did the government shutdown happen? 1 Tori D 2011.04 / Alex
I think the government spending cuts are an attack on black people like me? 1 AquaniQua 2011.04 / Ron R
Why do American put up with this government? 1 Zack 2011.04 / Jon J
Who made the stock market crash? 1 bobbymo 2011.04 / Rodger Dodger
Does policy mean rule? 1 mike 2011.04 / Austin C
Would you have voted for Barack Obama, if you could go back again? 1 dentakleen 2011.04 / Mike S
Cash for clunkers""""""""""&qu.. 1 Eric 2011.04 / Wendle L
To what extent has Global Government been a success? 1 Random 2011.04 / aznboy1122
Since there's no government shutdown? 1 Poopypuss4 2011.04 / Will
Should Obama grow a goatee? 1 cat on the lap 2011.04 / shyguy
Rate Sarah Palin on a scale of 1-10(read before answering)? 1 dentakleen 2011.04 / George Clinton
Would you have voted for George W. Bush, if you could go back? 1 dentakleen 2011.04 / the ozz
Who else thinks that all the US politics is corrupt no matter what the side? 1 Guy Fiesta 2011.04 / maseratimaniac
What do you think of the French government banning the burqa? 1 Rocco Lore 2011.04 / dancing_smurf
Why does obama feel compelled to give force us into socialist practices? 1 Guy Fiesta 2011.04 / maseratimaniac
Will people lose their social security and go bankrupt? 1 Bobby 2011.04 / Scott
Why do our country help illegal immigrants but not our homeless citizens that's .. 1 hey y'all 2011.04 / littlegogi
Should the U.S Government make even deeper cuts in the budget? 1 SteveO1608 2011.04 / Lunch at Dahmer's
Why does the U.S. have military bases in other countries, but no other country h.. 1 Jason Smack 2011.04 / little chinese girl
Was the GW Bush administration the most anti-Israeli in modern US history? 1 Sakura Ishiya 2011.04 / Eric Hilands
Sarah palin................? 1 Vagisil. 2011.04 / Bob
Why does not the USA denounce King of Bahrain's cruel actions against his people.. 1 adolf Dabbour 2011.04 / Joe in texas
What price for gasoline would force you to change your spending habits? Whom wou.. 1 vtsztpu 2011.04 / Home-School-produces-winners
How does our military personal feel now that? 1 thirty ot six 2011.04 / Bob G...The return of
Why do liberals still stupidly say George Bush dodged the draft? 1 Holistictico Magnifico 2011.04 / Bethany J
Is Michigan looked down upon by all you other states in the union? 1 Jacob 2011.04 / Robert
Why do we tolerate borders erected by nation states to obstruct the movements of.. 1 Tiny Tim 2011.04 / Bartleby
What would be your priorities if you were given the chance to be US President fo.. 1 chetos_55 2011.04 / out2lunch4now2
Why are healthy people forced to buy healthcare? 1 Cat Faustino 2011.04 / wow
How is American capitalism corrupt? 10 pts? 1 芒鈩⒙a_La_La芒鈩⒙ 2011.04 / TheOrange Ev
What evidence exists that President Obama was NOT born in the USA. Provide refer.. 1 Questor 2011.04 / Ana Olinsk
Why didn't the Democrats pass a budget ? 1 thirty ot six 2011.04 / Billy Blaze
What are all the beaners going to do when the state of California goes completel.. 1 Boomer 2011.04 / Spock (rhp)
Should we ask al-Qaeda to blow up the Senate and House with all members present? 1 David S 2011.04 / Sciman2k
Where can we find a list of homes owner by US senators and representatives and p.. 1 Spaced Frehley 2011.04 / Skip
Is there anything more retarded then a citizen blinded by patriotism for his/her.. 1 Delusional Vikings Fan 2011.04 / Interdit
Americans: Do you even consider the exemplary reputation that Obama has in the i.. 1 Interdit 2011.04 / Sophie脗漏
Is there any rule for the central government minister to stay at New Delhi for c.. 1 Always Good 2011.04 / NANDI 脿庐鈥⒚犅久犅趁犅 脿陇篓脿陇篓脿楼聧脿陇
What are the powers of a chief minister in a state during election period? 1 Always Good 2011.04 / NANDI 脿庐鈥⒚犅久犅趁犅 脿陇篓脿陇篓脿楼聧脿陇
Is your neighbor sitting home on his rear-end collecting unemployment while you .. 1 berrytrain 2011.04 / Andi
I HATE CENSUS - I dont want to complete it, can I avoid it ? 1 Muchuchu 2011.04 / curious115
What do you think is the top issue in our country today that the next Philippine.. 1 Theresa Byrd 2011.04 / Erika Owen
Canada prime ministers? 1 imaGRIFFINDORK 2011.04 / The Gold Pan Man
Who was the best Democratic President? 1 Sam 2011.04 / Curtis Arthur
Will Obama try to steal the plans of the Repubicans for spending cuts? 1 hardnose 2011.04 / GoGo Girls
Italy on the 5 causes of war? 1 TheAwesomeness 2011.04 / caffaro s
Who is more despised as president of the U.S.: Hussein or W.? 1 berrytrain 2011.04 / Arugula Jackson
Does Congress debate? 1 ian r 2011.04 / Jim
Why does Germany go unpunished? 1 Michael Access 2011.04 / Nasty old uncle Mike
What should the federal government had done for Hurricane Katrina victims? 1 Rosy 2011.04 / Dan
Does Obama really have to cut money out of Medicare, And do something with Socia.. 1 Leroy Johnson 2011.04 / BekindtoAnimals22
15 Year Old In Government? How To Start and Get Involved? 1 Dallas Grimes 2011.04 / slither
Should the UK national anthem be changed? 1 Liberal 2011.04 / EU Dictatorship
Court personnels are either gowned or uniformed, why ? 1 Melissa 2011.04 / Michael Rohde
As a percentage of our total federal budget, how much is given to NPR? 1 oceanpoet79 2011.04 / ieatlunch
Is America's greatest president since its creation Barack Obama? 1 Tide 2011.04 / Joe Smith
Do you not think that the problem with the modern world, is that balance of stat.. 1 Feral_Timelord 2011.04 / pinkhamster (nWo) Abolish Blai
Explain why this process is important to the individual? 1 Stephany Baloon 2011.04 / Chase Them With The Truth
Why should American taxpayers subsidize NPR & PBS? 1 Kingler 2011.04 / Ron again

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