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What are some first steps to planning a wedding? 3 HRH PrincessFreestarr 09.30 / DianeParker
I was married this weekend...and we sat up all night on our wedding night waitin.. 2 Return To Eartha 07.31 / 45.133.192.*
What should a mother give her daughter's engagement? 1 engagement 04.29 / ashimagupta02
What should the mother of the bride wear to a wedding? 0 162.253.68.* 04.19 / 162.253.68.*
Where can I find Wedding invitation verses? 2 ramprasad1211 2012.11 / 122.164.172.*
Can a Punjabi Sikh girl marry a Gujrati Hindu boy? 2 Sweetlove 2012.04 / 115.249.25.*
Where did the wedding custom of 'something old, something new, something borrowe.. 1 Juliana O 2011.03 / Happy go Lucky
How long to wait once we decide to get married? 1 Interex23 2011.03 / Answer Girl 2007
Where did the idea of a bride putting a penny in her shoe for good luck come fro.. 1 LYNNE 2011.03 / poppy1
Do you heard or have an exprience like this......? 1 Always Good 2011.03 / averagjane
I'm broke, can I pay my wedding planner with BRAN muffins? 1 ramjet 2011.03 / Kerilyn
Should I go through with it or not....? 1 Kia Sister 1- DUCK 2011.03 / Ms Stevie II, la precuela
My boyfriend and I opened a bank account to save, but he has not deposited any m.. 1 La DiOsA de La CuMbiA! 2011.03 / Kashaz
For the girls, a new question of the day? 1 kateqd30 2011.03 / bnrl_shell88
When is the best time to tell my fiance I don't want to marry him? 1 Kia Sister 1- DUCK 2011.03 / Coffee Diva
Where can I purchase an engagement ring that also opens tin cans? 1 芒鈩⒙low芒鈩⒙ 2011.03 / Happy Nun芒鈥灺
Married couples: is there anything you would have done differently when planning.. 1 Smiley 2011.03 / April B
Hang tough or throw in the towel? 1 Memories 2011.03 / Sim1
How many people did you take wedding dress shopping with you? 1 Knowledge talks, wisdom listen 2011.03 / Diane G
Is the mrs entitled to keep the wedding ring? 1 scotch m 2011.03 / Irksome
Has there ever been a Y/A wedding? 1 Damn芒鈥灺 It Marla Singer-Durden 2011.03 / tyler durden芒鈥灺
Im 15 and I wanna married with a girl who has 22 years old... :D? 1 amin_eses7 2011.03 / Carmen S
Do I have a chance to marry a white girl? 1 loss 2011.03 / brittxok1
What would your opinion be about this invitation toward my wedding? 1 ************** 2011.03 / Kaleinohea
If people throw bran muffins at my wedding, will birds eat them and explode? 1 in a handbasket 2011.03 / bonsai bobby
Top 10 things to know about someone before you marry? 1 lovelyinkedlady0613 2011.03 / Runnin for my life '73
Help! I'm getting married and I don't want to have sex!? 1 Shannon 2011.03 / Just Bored
What's your wedding style? 1 magichand 2011.03 / chocolate dipped strawberry gi
My Friend Was To Marry This Summer But Her Boyfriend Wants To Postpone Cause He .. 1 The Evolution of T. 2011.03 / D-MAN
(I'm not going to choke on my tooth this time) May we have a moment to renew my .. 1 BFF 2011.03 / 脦路e脩聫d芒鈥犫 脨潞脦卤脩聫脩鈥毭幩溍幩溍幝 脨潞脩聫
What do you do if your fiance leaves you at the altar for a bran muffin? 1 elohllid s'T madA 2011.03 / elmeroguapo
What is the best way to remove cat blood from my wife's wedding dress? 1 Nasty wants to marry you 2011.03 / ompelle
3 weeks to my wedding and im bricking it? 1 bexieboo 2011.03 / mark
Is it wrong to push my hamster into marriage just so that I could get in on the .. 1 Stooge (Retahded) 2011.03 / Dark Dickinsonian
Ladies if you were getting married how much would you want your girls to pay for.. 1 Rita 2011.03 / BUBBLES
Engagement ring? 1 AtomicSushi 2011.03 / Poppet
Whats up with giving thumbs down on wedding questions? 1 Diva Darling 2011.03 / PRETTYNENA
Why are all my friends freaking out about my wedding? 1 Lime Kitty [Atheati Emperor] 2011.03 / theboggart
Have you ever been to a tacky wedding? If you have...what made it tacky? 1 Greta 2011.03 / My thumb is bigger than yours
I need help with wedding favorite color is black and Dingleb.. 1 ..................?........... 2011.03 / Dingelbury芒鈥灺
Where can I purchase an engagement ring that also opens tin cans? 1 芒鈩⒙low芒鈩⒙ 2011.03 / Happy Nun芒鈥灺
Do you have a wedding dress suggestion? 1 Homes 2011.03 / NIPS脗庐 Carlsson
How did your dad proposed to your mom to marry him? 1 Sera is back 2011.03 / M脦啪脨炉脗漏谩禄庐脜藴脗楼 芒鈥灺
One of my good friends asked me to be in his wedding? 1 SteveC - Oh yeah 2011.03 / Zipperhead
Birthday Party Planners in Delhi / NCR? 1 Reema 2011.03 / Dr. Mamta
Married couples: is there anything you would have done differently when planning.. 1 Smiley 2011.03 / April B
Should I invite them to my wedding? 1 Lime Kitty [Atheati Emperor] 2011.03 / Major Trouble
Does Chuck E Cheese do weddings? 1 Scuzzy Wuzzy 2011.03 / The Blue Pill
Is it appropriate to wear Doc Martins under my wedding gown? 1 Marla Singer芒鈥灺 2011.03 / ?
What wedding trends do you hate right now? 1 Jess 芒鈩⒙appy to Be Mrs. G芒鈩⒙ 2011.03 / shawnee312000
Can we throw bran muffins instead of rice on a wedding? 1 Darth Cheney 芒鈩⒙ 2011.03 / Vicarious Cynic
Advice needed; nervous about my friend's impending nuptials...? 1 ? 2011.03 / Phoebe Finch
What popular things will not be at your wedding? 1 *Miss_Autumn* 2011.03 / hotwheels122287
Wedding Questionare!! Whether your married or getting married!!? 1 Lolita 2011.03 / Treebeard
MARRIED PEOPLE:What is something that no one ever told you about marriage? 1 Jersey Pride 2011.03 / TG
What would be a good wedding gift for my friend's mom? 1 SHoward 2011.03 / Wayf
I am an atheist. My future mother-in-law is a very strict Catholic, and she obje.. 1 Darth Cheney 芒鈩⒙ 2011.03 / Kerilyn
My Fiance complained about her engagement ring? 1 but skratchuh: the STD bear 2011.03 / Rigor Mortis Hypno
What are the going rates on the open market for a wife these days? 1 tyler durden O脝鈥櫭嗏檌cial 2011.03 / Kat Woman
Has anyone ever been to a wedding where someone objected? 1 Rachel m 2011.03 / Old Cynic
Anal sex....? 1 tanuhottie69 2011.03 / Davenport
If you're getting married for the fourth time, shouldn't you be registered at th.. 1 Off My Meds 2011.03 / Lovin29
"I wouldn't go anywhere if my children weren't invited"...? 1 芒鈩⒙ kiki is ready for summer 芒 2011.03 / af
Ok I'm getting married but have had problem after problem....? 1 ki4ki_b 2011.03 / 芒鈩⒙ust Married芒鈩⒙
Poll: would u like to congratulate user Jenn Brewers Girl on her upcoming weddi.. 1 Scooter_New_Year_Squirrel 2011.03 / Jenn Brewers 芒藛鈥 Packers
How am I supposed to know whether to accept a wedding invitation that doesn't sa.. 1 Sciurus Reprobatia 2011.03 / melouofs
Can I ask you all for a gift? 1 Evelosia 2011.03 / PatriciaLIrishladypat
My pastor keeps talking about my fiance and I having sexual relations after we'r.. 1 A Touch of Subterfuge 2011.03 / Satine
What are the best ways to save for a wedding? 1 Bankwest 2011.03 / Jamie
Need to ask bridesmaid to step down due to artificial leg issue? (please read de.. 1 Chips Con Queso 2011.03 / Meaty babby
I suggested U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" to my fi.. 1 GoCubsGo 芒鈥灺 2011.03 / Dr. KIA GCG 芒鈥灺cDrunkyMcCain
Advice needed; nervous about my friend's impending nuptials...? 1 脙鈥毭偮C冣毭偮 2011.03 / Holy Smoked
Why are people who lived together BEFORE getting married more likely to get divo.. 1 Shut_Reason_Out 2011.03 / beccagirl06
Bran muffin weddings are becoming dangerous to our health? 1 ramjet 2011.03 / sjlova86
What song did you have your "first dance" to at your wedding? 1 脨虏脧茠脩茠脩鈥⒚懧徝忊γ戔⒚戔毭幝姑惵济戔澝戔3 2011.03 / mekiki ILF
Is it wrong for me to turn away those bad people from my reception who didn't br.. 1 Earth to Doris 2011.03 / BUBBLES
What's the worst wedding you've ever been to? 1 Greta 2011.03 / *Miss_Autumn*
Is an e-proposal of marriage romantic enough or should I do something more? 1 Bullwinkle J. Moose, esquire 2011.03 / Wascally Wabbit
Why do we have a "Best Man" at weddings, anyway? 1 Bill 2011.03 / darkcatfan33
Is it impolite to tell my friend that I can't attend her wedding next month beca.. 1 THE NOLTE-KMA 2011.03 / Sciurus Reprobatia

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