Why did I dream about my Pet Spider killing off all the Presidential Candidates? Related Questions

Why did I dream about my Pet Spider killing off all the Presidential Candidates?
Asked By donelle g.,Last Answer By astrogoodwin At 2010.10,1 Answers

Last night I had this dream that I had a cute pet spider. Then he ran away & started killing off all of the Presidential Candidates. He would come back home after each death & want to be petted, which I did. Then somehow everybody on Yahoo Answers found out that it was MY SPIDER who was responsible.Yikes! You guys started threatening to step on him. I swore to protect him with my life. THEN....I found one of the stray cats I look after near death. I asked him what happened. He meowed real sadly & said...."Spider".

Then I didn't know what to do, because I still wanted to protect the spider, but I was mad at him. Then I woke up.

What did this strange dream mean?

What would happen if one of the presidential candidates died or was killed? ?
Asked By icunurse85,Last Answer By aida At 2009.12,1 Answers

Would the nomination automatically go to the VP running mate?

Do you notice a weak field in the likely conservative presidential candidates?
Asked By robert c,Last Answer By Poohcat1 At 2011.04,1 Answers

Many of them have made statements that would seemingly disqualify them from important public office. Have the Republicans conceded the 2012 election and are sending up trial balloons to see what they can get away with in the future?

What is the margin of votes between presidential candidates to trigger a recount?
Asked By travboy123,Last Answer By Gen. Stiggo At 2010.02,1 Answers

How many votes close to the number of presidential votes to demand or trigger a recount?

Are Republican Presidential candidates so bad that even Donald Trump has become a viable GOP contender?
Asked By Fly In the Ointment,Last Answer By ccccc At 2011.04,1 Answers

When Republicans look at their choices for 2012 are they desperate for anyone that can win?

Some Republicans actually thought Trump is a viable Republican contender, even with 3 wives. He beat out New Gingrich with three also but since Newt served divorce papers to his wife in hospital he has been prety much ruled out. Then there is Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama, can you say unelectable? Whose been left out? Tim Pawlenty....who is he? Mitch Romney, Yawn.

Who can beat Obama and get the Tea Party backing?

I want to kill a spider, I do not have any commercial spider killing spray can at the moment...?
Asked By dokomo,Last Answer By Ayana Linval At 2011.04,1 Answers

what can I use to kill it?

KTV competent candidates when candidates questions and answers KTV competent candidates when the candidates qu
Asked By Anne ChurchillChu,Last Answer By Wendy Zhu At 2011.05,1 Answers

What does this spider bite dream mean?
Asked By Christian Aponte,Last Answer By Little englander At 2011.04,1 Answers

I had a dream that I was at my house with my family. While I was playing with my little sister, I black spider (not sure if it was a Black Widow) came down and bit me in the middle area of my left forearm. At first, I didn't notice it but saw two little red dots of blood where it bit me. As I began to freak out, blood started to pour out of the bite. Upon requesting to my mother that I go to the hospital, she said I didn't need to go and that I would be fine. After this more blood began to pour out of the bite, but also became stickier as if the spider's venom was thickening it, which is a characteristic of a snakes venom, not a spider's. I pleaded with my mom to take me to the hospital, but she refused to budge. No one in my family would take me to the hospital. So I just sat in a corner and waited to "bleed out." After I woke up, I began freaking out. Scariest morning of my life.

Learn to drive the steering wheel when the coach says killing, what is killing ah? ?
Asked By anne lane,Last Answer By joy Green At 2011.06,1 Answers

Learn to drive the steering wheel when the coach says killing, what is killing ah? ?

Poll:Don't Dream its Over, Dream On, Sweet Dreams, Dreamboat Annie, Day Dream Believer, California Dreaming?
Asked By onederful2nite,Last Answer By h0tlegs At 2009.12,1 Answers

dreamboat annie ♥

Bush hanged Saddam for killing 148. Who will hang Bush for killing +6,00,000, most of them are innocents ?
Asked By bright,Last Answer By WelshKiwi At 2010.01,1 Answers

Saddam was condemned for massacring 148 of his contrymen. Natural Justice demands that some one be made accountable for killing +600000 Iraquis, the people of a soverign country and 3000 American soldiers under the guise that Iraq had WMD and Saddam had Al-quida links which proved totally false. He has smashed Iraq and Afghanistan into ashes in the name of war against terrorism to implement his selfish agendas and trying to smash many more, ignoring the voice of world and UNO. In the name of war against terrorism, Bush is spreading terrorism and he himself has become the most dngerous threat to humanity. Iraq is united under Saddam but now divided under America. America broke the unity of Iraquis by separting them into Shias, Sunnis , Khurds etc., Even the victims of Saddam are saying that the misery of Iraq now is far worse than under Saddam. The Americans have taught him a lesson in the recent elections. But he did not learn from it. How to check him and who will check him.

Did you ever dream that in a dream you said to someone " don`t worry this is not real it is a dream "?
Asked By EnigmaticJackie`s cherry tree,Last Answer By Vi At 2010.10,1 Answers

survey on dreams

Dream on, Dream on, Dream until your dreams come true...?
Asked By Greenwood,Last Answer By ≈Random Hugs Pangel ≈ At 2010.10,1 Answers

Was Aeorsmith referring to vile temptresses? Just curious

Peace, Love, and Blessings

I had this dream last night of a my deceased uncle and my Mom who i spoke to today told me she had a dream of
Asked By Rita,Last Answer By YD At 2010.10,1 Answers

my deceased uncle. In my dream my uncle was mad at me I wanted to borrow a jacket of my aunts and my mom told me that my uncle came to her because he was mad at me and to watch me??? What could this dream mean? My Mom told me first today before I said anything to her about my dream of my uncle??Could he be warning me about something????What???How weird he came to my mother in her dream too hehehehe

Can anyone explain what this dream means? I had a dream I was trying to save a tiny baby in a fire?
Asked By ws in spring fever,Last Answer By Resident BadBeast At 2010.10,1 Answers

because of it's mother doing something stupid and she just stood and watched as the baby was charring black in areas. I threw a small blanket over the baby and started trying to smother the flames out so there would be no more damage on what precious skin it had left, the flames wouldn't go out so I put it in a tiny puddle to smother the flames with water, but for some reason the baby started to drown, as I would reach into the water, which got increasingly deeper; a huge rattle snake bit my hand, as I would try to hold his head away and grab for the drowning baby it continued to bite me. on my right hand there were 13 bites, on the left hand there were 3 bites. I finally got the baby out of the water but now I was dying from venom passing into my blood stream. This is where it was a fiasco just to get any emergency help for either one of us. pure chaos.
Can anyone help figure this one out?
thank you before hand and no TD

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