If Maddy isn`t missing because off gross negligence on behalf of the Mc canns, then who is to blame? Related Questions

If Maddy isn`t missing because off gross negligence on behalf of the Mc canns, then who is to blame?
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Sorry for asking a question that has probably been asked before, but in a previous question I posted part of the above statement. i was question by a feamle respondent who didn`t back her question up with facts. Well Madam, the floor is yours. Come on down.

Can the McCann's claim child allowance for Maddy while she is missing.?
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Who can tell us on behalf of the shipping process. What kind of business major do on behalf of the consignor.
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Q. Can I do a lot of buyers on behalf of the consignor. On behalf of the ship but I do not know. How to solve the most important is the freight. Adequate guidance please look.
Domestic transport

Of all the causes to blame for mens changing roles in society, why do so many blame feminism?
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It can seem like a constant call:

"Families are collapsing" - blame feminism
"Jobs are no longer secure" - blame feminism
"Men are no longer heads of the household" - blame feminism.
"Men are no longer valued as fathers" - blame feminism

This last week I have read substantially on Mens issues from a variety of sources, and it seems very clear that mens roles have changed dramatically over the last 50-60 years especially.

But how many of those changes are much at all to do with feminism?

Economies and free trade have dramatically altered job security, and the nature of jobs.

Globalisation has led to the export of unskilled jobs to nations which can do them at the lowest rates, which in turn has led to much greater wealth disparity and a widening gap between skilled and unskilled labor.

Massive political changes have shifted the balance of power between workers and corporations in hosts of ways.

The mans role and ability to fulfill the role of provider has been drastically affected by all these things.

In many ways feminism has bought women forward to the point where they now participate in the home as economic allies and partners, capable of contributing (on average) very close to the same income as a man. Why is this a bad thing?

Of all the things that are responsible for the erosion of male identity, and changing roles, why do so many choose to blame feminism?

Who knows a such tune: Blame you, I have how many dream to be able to think; Blame you, how many do I have to
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When was the last time the Mc canns actually did something they said they were going to do?
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So far we have had, we will never leave Portugal without Maddie.
there have been a couple of cases of we will sue this newspaper, still waiting on that to happen,
We will ahppily answer any further questions the Police have, have they bought return tickets to Portugal recently?

The Mc Canns . Guilty but GETTING AWAY WITH IT?
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What is happening with the media just lately ?

The Mc Canns leaving three children alone in an appartment , whilst they Drank fine WINE and had a meal with friends .

This is the one fact that is KNOWN by all MEDIA / POLICE ? SOCIAL SERVICES .
The Mc Canns are so called proffesional People !!!
They did know better .
If this had happened to the BECKHAMS I could understand the MEDIA coverage .
If this had happened in this country SOCIAL SERVICES would have / and indeed should have REMOVED the remaining two children from the Mc Canns for thier own SAFETY !!

Again this proves one thing !!! HAVE MONEY


What would JOE PUBLIC get ? ANSWER A criminal record

My question is this ? Am I the only one who understands the root cause to missing Madeleine ?

Which is more surprising: Pittsburgh Steelers missing the NFL playoffs or UNC Tar Heels missing NCAA Tourney?
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North Carolina is likely to miss the NCAA Tournament after winning the 2009 National Championship

and the Pittsburgh Steelers missed the playoffs after winning the Super Bowl

which came as more of a surprise to you?

If the authorities don`t act agianst the Mc canns?
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Does this set a legal precedent that every parent in future child abandonment cases can use as a way of justifying their actions and more importantly avoiding court action being taken against them?

Hi i am maddy and i am a TH fan?
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i love TH and i would like to know yall beter i am soooooo glade to be in the family

Kitchen: Small negligence great pity
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Kitchen: Small negligence great pity

Does parental negligence count as child abuse?
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Does parental negligence count as child abuse?

Any more Mc Canns questions and the Computer is going through the Window?
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Please stop????????????????????????????????????…

Petition relating to the Mc Canns, cowards signing it?
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I have seen this ridiculous petition what I want to know from all who have petitioned social services is, if you feel so strongly about it why have you not left your contact details so social services or the Mc Canns can address your concerns personally??????

I like this possible next twist in the Maddy saga ......?
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From the guardian today.

"The parents of missing Madeleine McCann may consider an around-Europe mission to publicise the campaign to find their daughter, a family spokeswoman has said."

"But if it means going around Europe to meet people, talk to people, then they will do that."

Ahhhh...... thats nice, we can fund their European tour. Perhaps a cruise around the Med, you know in case she's there. Maybe take in the sites of Rome. Its lovely at this time of year!

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