My fiancee' and I feel out on Christmas Eve ? Related Questions

My fiancee' and I feel out on Christmas Eve ?
Asked By ☻Jay ™☻,Last Answer By ~I'm A Keepa ~ At 2009.12,1 Answers

Christmas eve we had an argument.. bottom line she slandered my integrity as a man.. so I told her if she feels that way than we shouldnt be together..

Long story short she left. Christmas Morning she wants to tell me how she was wrong and that she said things cause she was upset but didnt mean it.. Im like you say things so much I can only take so much..

Heres the thing we made up made love and she never told me that she threw my Ring away.. My mom peep't it out while at her home Today.. I was devastated by that cause I never checked.. I got up from moms house.. took the fiancee' back to her car... and said have a good day with your family.. Now im home cleaning up and thinking that her impluses is a deal breaker.. She says she sorry that I had to find out that way. But my thing is that she could have told me when she was apologizing and saying she want us to work.. I think she says what she feels just to get by.. Im so Heart Broke..

Issues with a reoccurring dream question: Why am I not able to buy Christmas Gifts in time for Christmas?
Asked By Patrick the Carpathian, CaFO,Last Answer By Spanky Gazpacho DW At 2010.10,1 Answers

I guess the real question is:

What does this dream mean? They are mostly (on a regular basis) about being ill-prepared when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for my family. It usually consists of me doing the "mad-scramble" on Christmas Eve (no earlier than 8:00pm), and my only option is Walmart.

*I usually get most of my Christmas Shopping done by the first week of December.

Do you refuse to do your Christmas shopping at stores that don't recognize Christmas?
Asked By No Shortage (Wears Bifocals No,Last Answer By zzsleepur At 2011.04,1 Answers

I do. I think if a retailer wants to benefit financially from the tradition of gift giving, which is supposed to represent the gift of God's Son to mankind, then they should say Merry Christmas. I also don't like that some people expect to be treated like delicate, fragile little creatures who can't handle hearing or saying a word that has "Christ" in it.

I don't fall apart when a Muslim colleague excuses himself to say prayers and makes reference to "the god," which is how they describe Allah, I don't wither up when Jewish men wear their yamakas, and I am not traumatized when a black colleague wears traditional African clothing to work in celebration of Kwanzaa and breaks out in song during lunch hour. So I will celebrate and acknowledge Christmas and expect businesses who want my money during Christmas shopping time to do the same.

What about you?

Christmas Prelude sounded: cute little thing for Christmas
Asked By Adolf Pike,Last Answer By Adah George At 2011.06,1 Answers

Christmas Prelude sounded: cute little thing for Christmas every Christmas Eve, girls are increasingly excited about the period, see the dazzling array of Christmas items, crystal eyes were suffused with the light Yingying. Girls have been like these cute little things: Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Christmas hats, lanterns, bells, snowflakes, bows, garlands, cards. Christmas is such a festival can bring happiness inexplicable atmosphere, people feel warm and happy, probably because of fine gifts, perhaps because the atmosphere was warm, perhaps because of the lovely and beautiful Santa Claus legends. . . In short, let us together to enjoy this lovely romantic holiday. ec07112900062.jpg (0 Bytes) downloads :02007-12-17 09:34

Do you have Christmas Ornaments of your Favorite team on your Christmas Tree?
Asked By scooter_the_squirrel_agent,Last Answer By Madison 3:16 Anderson Rhodes At 2011.02,1 Answers

In the spirit of Christmas what MLB or team related gift would you like to get this Christmas?
Asked By scooter_the_squirrel_agent,Last Answer By KRiSTA <3 (DO THE CHOP!!!) At 2011.02,1 Answers

My friend just found out her fiancee has HIV?
Asked By jane,Last Answer By angeldust_599 At 2011.03,1 Answers

She tested negative for the virus but their wedding is only days away. All the preparations have been made & invitations sent, etc. Her family has been looking forward to this for some time & everybody's very excited. He's told her that if she really loves him she'll stand by him & go through with the marriage. Am i wrong to tell her not to go through with it?

How much does he charge for fiancee visa?
Asked By Larry,Last Answer By George L At 2011.04,1 Answers

When you get engaged, is the woman or the man the fiancee?
Asked By story of my life,Last Answer By Grasshopper ▪▫иvUѕ▫▪ At 2011.03,1 Answers

Or is it both are called that?

When you get engaged, is the woman or the man the fiancee?
Asked By story of my life,Last Answer By Grasshopper ▪▫иvUѕ▫▪ At 2011.03,1 Answers

Or is it both are called that?

How to get my fiancee to take a drug test?
Asked By Jeremiah,Last Answer By Zachariah At 2011.04,1 Answers

My sister Alexandria is convinced my fiancee Dawn is a drug addict. Alex is a recovering addict yet she has been clean for 5 years. She told me Dawn has needle marks on her arms and she see's all the signs of drug abuse from her. This was really affecting me in a negative way but it became worse when my EX wife Stacy took Alex's side and told me she wants full custody of our 5 year old daughter Dawn has adamantly denied been an addict and told me Alex is using again and she is using her as a scapegoat. She has refused to take a drug test saying it is an invasion of privacy. I can't imagine what it would be like not being able to see my daughter she means the world to me. Stacy told me she would change her mind if Dawn took the test and the results came back negative or if i broke up with her because she doesn't need a drug addict around our daughter. I trust Dawn but i wish she would just take the test. How do i convince her to take the test?

What dish will you be making or having for Christmas Eve/Christmas Dinner?
Asked By Scooter_New_Year_Squirrel,Last Answer By bill k At 2010.01,1 Answers

Have a goodnight everyone & a Merry Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas everyone. Did you get your pet a nice Christmas gift?
Asked By Scooter_the_squirrel_agent,Last Answer By LovinMyLife987 At 2010.01,1 Answers

How many days it well take to process a fiancee visa?
Asked By MERCY EMY A,Last Answer By John D At 2010.02,1 Answers

how many days it well takes to process a fiancee visa going to france if u already submitted it into the embassy...

My fiancee wants to break up with me after 4 years, says he's tired.?
Asked By slim,Last Answer By dirftwood22 At 2009.12,1 Answers

we've been dating for 4yrs, just last year when i got back from youth service he started acting funny, i found out about a girl in his life and told him to stop the friendship, he was rigid about it initially but later succumbed but did not keep to it.
Afterwards he started acting more funny, not calling as usual, always busy, spending less time with me, stopped buying gifts for me, missed our anniversary and valentine on the pretext that he wasnt feeling fine and too busy, came extremely late on my birthday without a gift except for icecream and pizza, made sure i didnt show up on his birthday by saying he was travelling and would be coming to Lagos.

Two days after this, he finally showed up and said he was tired of the relationship that my load was too heavy for him to carry.

How do i teach him a lesson he'll never forget in his life, run back to beg and never try it again with another lady,because he made a convenant with me not to break the relationship.

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