Michael Jackson fans. What do you like better? Related Questions

Michael Jackson Fans: I have a serious question to ask about Michael Jackson...?
Asked By Billaye Jiane,Last Answer By TUFguy At 2009.12,1 Answers

I apologize if this is misleading, Michael Jackson fans, but this is actually for the Michael Jackson haters since they like to click on the questions for the fans only. I really want to know this, MJ haters... why do you all hate Michael Jackson so much?

You don't have to like him, his personality, or the things he have done in his life, but at least SHOW and HAVE some RESPECT for his TALENT. He contributed a lot of things to this world, but what have you done to contribute to the world? This man is dead and you all are dragging his name through the mud. I just would like for you to answer this and give me an ACTUAL reason why and I won't thumbs down your opinion.

Michael Jackson Fans: How would you describe Michael?
Asked By I Miss MJ & I'm Bad.,Last Answer By Be A Rebel!! At 2011.03,1 Answers

How would you describe Michael using only one word for each of the letters of his name?

M =
I =
C =
H =
A =
E =
L =

J =
A =
C =
K =
S =
O =
N =

Star if you like or love MJ

Michael Jackson fans. What do you like better?
Asked By Michael's P.Y.T.,Last Answer By Dirtay Diana [HAPPY BDAY LOVE] At 2009.12,1 Answers

Michael Jackson fans?
Asked By Man in the mirror ♥,Last Answer By Stяαηgєя Iη Aяizoηα♠At 2009.12,1 Answers

This or That :)

speechless OR man in the mirror?
this is it OR human nature?
ghosts OR is it scary?
beat it OR bad?
smooth criminal OR billie jean?
weve had enough OR morphine?
stranger in moscow OR give into me?
just good friends OR dangerous?
jam OR in the closet?
blood on the dancefloor OR remember the time?
ill be there OR i want you back?
dont stop till you get enough OR rock with you?
thriller OR black or white?
they dont really care about us OR leave me alone?
dangerous OR you are not alone?
streetwalker OR you rock my world?
working day and night OR off the wall?
we are the world OR heal the world?
earth song OR smile?
dirty diana OR the way you make me feel?

fedora OR aviators?
glitter glove OR glitter socks?
glitter jacket OR thriller jacket?
jheri curls OR long curls?

star if you liked it :)

Michael Jackson Fans only?
Asked By MJForever [SANTA],Last Answer By MJ; Gone Too Soon<3 At 2009.12,1 Answers

Here's a game! write a message that you would give to Michael or a little story but you have to use song names in it!

for Example:
Michael, i just can't stop loving you because you always wanted to heal the world....and so on...

Michael Jackson fans?
Asked By [R],Last Answer By Scream4BillieJean At 2009.12,1 Answers

What is a jacksonist? how did you find out what it is?

star if you are one!

Michael Jackson fans of all ages ..........?
Asked By MJ ♥ [backup],Last Answer By Sтяαиĝєя Іи ІиđϊΠAt 2009.12,1 Answers

Who else do you like as an artist, celebrity, etc etc

You don't have to think of someone who you like *as* much as MJ (coz that's impossible since he's the best).. Just anyone else you listen to etc

We're not here to judge, just wondering :)

*Star if you think MJ is number 1.

Calling All Michael Jackson Fans!?
Asked By ♥PYT♥ Stranger In Pittsbur,Last Answer By ♥♥Peas♥♥ At 2009.12,1 Answers

I would just like to know how many people on here are michael jackson fans? It seems like we have a pretty strong family going and I'm just curious of how many there really are on here! If you are please star so I can get a good amount of answer!

MJ Fans: Michael Jackson scenario..?
Asked By Bill Cosby,Last Answer By ♥!Cali!♥ At 2009.12,1 Answers

If you don't like Michael Jackson, please skip this and move on.

ok, so you are at the History concert, and you scored back stage passes. You are jumping up and down in the crowd and you are just so happy to be there with the greatest entertainer of all time. They start to play You Are Not Alone and they go and pick a girl to dance with Michael, and you get picked :O! You get up there and dance with him and it is amazing, you kiss him and he smiles that beautiful smile at you and sees the backstage pass, and winks at you. Finally the security guards pull you away. Then at the end you go backstage and meet Michael. He sees you and his eyes light up. He says "Hey its you!" in a really excited voice.

What happens next?

Michael Jackson Fans: Can you answer this-- please?? [:?
Asked By [PRiNCeSs] â„“0vEs Mjj <|3,Last Answer By Katie's & Morgie's Mom At 2009.12,1 Answers

yes this is all if he were alive and everything. haters: don't be mean or you will be reported.
and that doesnt give you the right to report this question: for nooo reason at all, liike usual.
please: im not hating on you guys or anything, this is just a fun 2 points for mj fans.okay? thankyouu i ♥ youuu.*

Spend Christmas EVE or New Years EVE with MJ?
Spend Christmas DAY or New Years DAY with MJ?

Michael Jackson buy you a Christmas present or you
buy MJ a Christmas present?

For All Time [or] Dont Walk Away ???
Break Of Dawn [or] Give Into Me ???

STAR if you absolutely LOVE michael jackson, his music, his songs, his dancing, his kindness, his humanitarian efforts, his everything.. :P thanks

Thankkk youuu muuuchh.♥

MJ FANS: why is Michael Jackson in a shower in this pic?
Asked By Sexii Lexii..x,Last Answer By reallysweetrunnergirl♥MJ At 2009.12,1 Answers

oh ok thanx elly, got worried there for a second :D xx

Where were all these Michael Jackson fans when he was alive?
Asked By Bozz Mozz,Last Answer By moonie At 2009.12,1 Answers

All I ever heard out of people before a year ago was accusations and criticism. Now all of the sudden he's adored all over the place.

Michael Jackson fans, click here!!?
Asked By [R],Last Answer By ♥♫♥ JJ ♥♫♥ ♥ I L At 2009.12,1 Answers

i am sick of all these haters on here, they are starting to outnumber the fans!
from now on, whenever i see a question that insults MJ, calls peope 'fake', is just there to piss the fans off, or anything that i wouldn't have a nice answer for, im gonna ignore it.
i think all the fans should do the same. dont thank them for the 2 points, dont prove them wrong (they obvsly. wont listen), dont insult them, just ignore them!
STAR if your with me!!

QUESTION -- What do you think would of happened with MJ and Tatiana if she never got fired?

*Michael Jackson Fans* Do you guys ever wonder....?
Asked By MJ forever <3,Last Answer By Lulu At 2009.12,1 Answers

Do you guys ever wonder what all the other Michael Jackson fans are like or what they look like and stuff ? I always do ! For me, the avatar does it a lot. Most of us have MJ avatars and so if you have one of him smiling I always think you're a happy person :) If you have an avatar of him as a child then I always think you're really funny and smiley :) You know what I mean........

But it's kinda impossible for Break Of Dawnie....she's always got a different avatar ! :D I think she's.....unpredictable ? :D

What do you think of MY avatar !? It's LURRRVLY !

Who is one of your favourite users ?

If you became famous, would you still come on Y!A ? Would you keep everything MJ related ? I know it's random ! I'm just like that :) I'd keep coming :) And keep it all MJ related :D

And do you like scenarios ? I love them ! But mine keep getting deleted *sigh* It's annoying. WAAAH ! :'(

Love you all MJ Fan Fam ! <3

Michael Jackson fans drama?
Asked By "Yσυ αяє иσт αlσиє,Last Answer By Stranger In My Heart At 2009.12,1 Answers

Why are all MJ fans not getting along as they used to before?
It’s really annoying! Why are we fighting each other when we should be fighting the haters?
In my opinion the haters did a really good job to get us separated and turn against each other. I don’t understand where the problem stands. Why should we be judging each other’s opinions? Everyone is entitled to their opinion but c’mon I’m here to show my love and passion about Michael and make other people see and understand what a true genius he really was. Just stop with the drama and show the haters that we still are a tightly knit group and that we support each other.

RIP Michael Jackson – For you’re always in my heart!

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