Will a spider go in another spider's web? Related Questions

I want to kill a spider, I do not have any commercial spider killing spray can at the moment...?
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what can I use to kill it?

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Is Spider man 3 going to be the last spider man movie?
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Does anyone know what spider this is, house spider?
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This does not look like the black widow, but hoping its not the brown recluse spider or funnel web spider. I am in a condo in Toronto, ON, Canada and this one just showed up recently. Except for the house spider, bites from the others are apparently serious or lethal.

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Will a spider go in another spider's web?
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VERY interesting question.
Spiders are fascinating critters, and I enjoy watching them.
I've often seen multiple (maybe 2-6) cob spiders in cobwebs, but that's the only case I can recall of ever seeing that. Scratch that - there's another I've seen. There's some kind of spider here (NJ, USA) that makes a strange sheet-like web that covers an area of 1 or 2 square yds about 3-6 feet off the ground anchored to low-medium density shrubbery and low hanging branches. These webs are uncommon, but when I see them they are usually shared by a small "community". I'd like to know what the spider is that makes them.
As for orb spiders, the ones responsible for the classic "charlotte's web" style of web, I've never observed more than one resident. Someday I'll come across 2 of these webs and remember this question. Then I'll test the issue... ;-)

Beyond that, I have to say something about another response here: Spiders have 4, 6, or 8 eyes, but no noses. "Scent" is meaningless to them.
And while I'm on the subject, birds will not kick their young out of the nest because of human scent.


Do you know this about spider's web ?
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If you take one pound of cob webs and spread them out in one straight line, it will go around the earth 2 times.
On an equal weight basis, spider silk is twice as strong as steel and very elastic.
The weight of insects eaten by spiders every year is greater than the total weight of the entire human population.
Most spiders have eight simple eyes.
There are now about 35,000 named species of spiders worldwide.
The combined length of thread in a spider's web is about 20-60 m and it can take the spider up to 3 hours to make an average sized web

Would you eat a spider for 1,000$?
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would you

Mr & Mrs Spider problem i think.?
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Right, stay with me,
II did some work on the house last night , finished in time to watch the match (20.00hrs UK). A friend rang and asked if i wanted to watch it at theirs, as i was changing a spider the size (breadth) of a tin of beans WALKED out from under my settee. i wear glasses and had tissue to hand, (glasses need cleaning due to cement & dust..LOL dirty)
It tried to hide back under the settee ? I could have seen it from the bottom of the bloody street. Anyhow, got it (no harm )
threw it outside too big.
Got back in tonight and another one ??? not the same thinner ??
but would not move ? went all over the carpet, then into the kitchen and stood there in the middle of the kitchen.
I switched on the light (nothuing happened) then it run at me,
it actually run at me ?? The question might sound silly but could i have thrown out HER "HUSBAND" and She's pissed.
I can only hope the don't have kiddies..#

How to kill a spider?
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Ok, so, let me start out saying this, I don't have any phobia (i guess you can call it a phobia if you want), but, I have a huge fear of spiders, even if their small. So, last night, I was on my computer in my room, and, when i was walking to my nightstand, all of a sudden I noticed a spider on my wall. It was small, but, as you can guess, I freaked out. So, normally I have my dad kill them, but, he was asleep. So, me being the drama queen I am, i shrieked and, well, totally lost it. So, I was thinking of all the ways in the world to kill it. And, I resorted to using a vacuum. So, as I got the vacuum, me being the scaredy cat I am, when I had the vacuum close to the spider, it took me about a good 10 minutes to even turn the vacuum on. And mind you the spider wasn't moving at all, it was very still as if it was dead or asleep. So, when I finally turned the vacuum on, boom, the spider moved like crazy. And I went bonkers. I ran like crazy out of my room and then at my bedroom door I would stare at the spider moving while freaking out. So, long story short, after freaking out watching it move, at one point it had came down from his web, and started crawling on my computer desk. So, I ran downstairs to go get my dad to kill it, but he was mad that I woke him up and said to just sleep and it won't hurt me, but, I wasn't about to sleep knowing there was a spider crawling in my room. So, by the time I ran back upstairs, I had lost the spider. So, you can assume what I did, I slept on the couch last night. Now, it's 12:20 PM here, I need to go upstairs to get a few things but am not about to open that door knowing there is a spider lose in their, so, what should I do? Or should I just surrender my room to the spider?

Have you ever seen a white spider?
Asked By *granny* class of '59,Last Answer By Kate Alex Bahleef At 2011.04,1 Answers

Back in 1966 or so, we bought an old farmhouse. It had an insulated, small room next to the woodshed. I opened the door and it was total darkness and I saw a pure white spider, That little room is far gone now since the house was remodeled. My son lives there now, raising a second generation.

How can you tell if a spider is poisonous?
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Are most spiders harmless?

Why are there so many spider's in my room?
Asked By Abdul Naruto,Last Answer By HyperDog At 2011.04,1 Answers

OMG i have this scary problem there are big black spiders in my room the first time we move here the place was full of spiders then the winter go rid of them and now a 2 years later i keep finding spiders in my room

last night i was listening to music and i was trying to sleep then i suddenly saw a big spider beside my head on the wall and i almost screamed i was so scared i got a book and hit it then i burn it with my lighter there are more hidden plz tell me how to permanently get rid of them all

Can someone identify a spider for me?
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I found it in my basement. It is black, or maybe gray, and furry with 2 vertical yellow lines on its back. Its body is about the size of a dime, the legs make it about the size of a quarter. The front 2 sets of legs are shorter than the back 2. Just curious about it, and I am having no luck finding it online. Any help would be wonderful!

Welcome to Spider Solitaire!
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Solitaire Spider is a game that belongs to the larger category of Solitaire card games. As with the other games in this category, it is designed for a single player (thus the Solitaire designation), although it can also be adapted to include other players.

In its traditional and most common version, it uses two standard decks of 52 cards and 2 suits. The number of suits and decks may vary depending on the difficulty of the game. Regardless, the goal is always to build 8 foundations by suit and in ascending order (from ace to king).

The game gets its name precisely from these 8 foundations as they resemble the 8 legs of a spider.

Although the first <a href="https://spidersolitaire247.co">spider solitaire</a> game dates back to 1947, it was only after its inclusion in the Microsoft computer software in 1998 that the game met its boom in popularity. Since then, it has become a favorite among Solitaire games, even challenging the prominent Solitaire Klondike for the top spot.

The goal of Solitaire Spider is to transfer all the cards, including those in the Stock Pile, into the Foundations.

Unlike other Solitaire games, it is not possible to move individual cards into the Foundations. The players must complete sequences by suit on the tableau first, and these will be automatically sent to the Foundations and rearranged into ascending order.

The player wins the game when there are no more cards on the tableau.

What will be the next Spider-Man: No Way Home?
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