Am I supposed to wear boxers under my board shorts or just go commando? Related Questions

Am I supposed to wear boxers under my board shorts or just go commando?
Asked By Independent,Last Answer By Andrew At 2011.05,1 Answers

Why are some girls' shorts still called, "BOY SHORTS" now that most boys are afraid to wear real shorts?
Asked By NotShy,Last Answer By rwd At 2011.03,1 Answers

I know they got the name because they look like the swimsuits American boys wore in the '30s, '40s, '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s (before ridiculous baggy bathing pants became required by the fashion police) but why are they still called BOY SHORTS now that very few boys and men dare to wear a sensible swimsuit in public?

Why do women surfers wear thigh high board shorts instead of knee length boardshorts?
Asked By Catherine Lee,Last Answer By c_kayak_fun At 2011.05,1 Answers

does it have something to do with the fact that when they get wet they become heavy and throw the person off balance? or is it another reason all together?

Urgent: how to speed reduction thigh ah? ? Do not want to wear shorts to wear, good pain ah! ! To speed reduct
Asked By bozi zhang,Last Answer By Ivy Bush At 2011.06,1 Answers

Urgent: how to speed reduction thigh ah? ? Do not want to wear shorts to wear, good pain ah! ! To speed reduction thigh ah! ! ! Jiji Ji! ! Violation problem

Where can i buy board shorts?
Asked By Alex,Last Answer By AMPhoto At 2011.05,1 Answers

I'm leaving for Florida in about a month and i don't really like wearing bikini bottoms. Is there a website that sells really cute swimsuit shorts??

Board Shorts? Yes or No?
Asked By Renji Abarai,Last Answer By Much Love At 2011.05,1 Answers

Would it be weird if a girl, 13/14, is wearing guys board shorts?
what's something that would be okay and what wouldn't be?

What length of board shorts are best for surfing?
Asked By ilikeloofahs,Last Answer By ๑●°✿ しіし' ҬՏԱภAt 2011.03,1 Answers

I'm going to take up surfing, and I'm shopping for the appropriate gear. Are board shorts that are slightly above the knee the only acceptable length, or are short shorts okay too?

Where can I find board shorts cheap?
Asked By brookethesinger,Last Answer By NDN Babydoll At 2011.05,1 Answers

I am a 19 yr. old female and wear about a size 7 in shorts, where can I find long boardshorts my size for only 20 dollars or under? I have looked in stores and online... please help

Would it be OK to wear Shorts and a bikini top?
Asked By Baby Blue,Last Answer By philkillen At 2009.12,1 Answers

To go out Casual?


Where can I find womens knee length board shorts?
Asked By whyme7624,Last Answer By Luke Mckinlay At 2011.05,1 Answers

they need to be a size 12,14,16

Is 60 degrees warm enough to wear shorts?
Asked By Erin,Last Answer By UALog At 2011.04,1 Answers

I'm going on a field trip tomorrow and it's going to be 60 degrees. We are going to be walking a lot so do you think I should wear shorts?

Is 33 too old to wear a miniskirt or short-shorts?
Asked By skyandwaterlvr,Last Answer By holland At 2011.03,1 Answers

I'm not overweight, don't have spiderveins.

Men, what do you think about women who wear shorts that say things.?
Asked By sehoy,Last Answer By pieki2cute At 2009.12,1 Answers

like the word juicy or to sweet ,and so on and are they telling you that the back door is a yes no brainier question for you if you ask. and if they don't is that false advertising from a mans point of view,and don't that make you mad when people at stupid about what there saying and just dont get it.

About when does it get warm enough to wear shorts & T-shirts in Australia?
Asked By Cam1051Sec,Last Answer By Yowsie At 2010.10,1 Answers

Should I wear compression shorts when playing tennis?
Asked By The Great Brandini,Last Answer By Megan At 2011.05,1 Answers

I was just wondering if wearing compression shorts while playing tennis is recommended or not?

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