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Centerpieces by myself?
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I want coral centerpieces for my party but I want to make them. does anyone have any tips or ideas for me? Please and thank you.

Does anyone else have issues with live fish for wedding centerpieces?
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A lot of my wedding magazines suggest it and recently some family pointed it out to me as something that was cute.

If there was a way to safely and humanely have live animals at my reception I would totally go for it. but animals + reception usually= bad things happening. There was a time I wanted to incorporate my pet hermit crabs into the reception but to actually have them there would be a nightmare. So photographs seem to be the way to go.

My fiance as a student worked at a country club which made most of its money though the wedding industry. A few weddings had fish bowls one even had black mollies give birth during the toasts. He broke my heart when he told me that lots of times no one takes the fish home after the wedding. Or people killed the fish during the reception or they just died. The worst was when he told me the decorator of one wedding came back to collect the decorations and when he asked about the fish she told him she flushed them.

Anyone else have issues with fish centerpieces? Any good or bad experiences?

I need ideas for "Get Smart" themed table centerpieces for a school fundraiser. Any ideas?
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